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VINCENT DE PAUL Transformative Film Maker




FMN - Describe for us your modeling career before you started acting ?

VP - I Modelled in Milan, Paris, Athens, NYC and Mexico, It was great to see these countries and be captured by the great teams.

FMN - Why did you choose acting?

VP - In many ways acting was a location. It was a calling. I was inspired by the work in developing a characters and delving into soul and growth during a movie or episodic. How does this person exist and behave. Hopefully when you watch my work you see some internal journey of the person that I embody in the role.

FMN - What is your best achievement in your acting career?

VP - Well, in my non acting career was the cover of Men's Health. One of my best achievements recently was receiving the 24th Annual "FAMILY FILM AWARD" started by Dick Clark and Dr. Olypmpia Guilinni . This year I was honored with Outstanding TV movie for "This Is Our Christmas". Also receiving two consecutive Emmys for "The Bay" the series.

FMN - Tell us a little about yourself.

VP - I love playing soccer, swimming in the ocean in Miami Beach, hanging out with friends watching classic movies.

FMN - Who are your biggest influences?

VP- Some of my influences come from Italian Film Noir movies. I love those moody and epic films. I like this genre. I am influenced by those styles in film making and try to create that look in my current work.

FMN - How did acting change your life?

VP - Acting changes your perspective on all things. It also makes you a conscious person. I fell acting makes you use your senses more and makes you think much more about your surroundings and the work you are doing.

FMN - What are your best projects to date?

VP - So very happy to report "Secret Society" (2021) directed by Jamal Hill produced by Miasha & Rich Coleman is #5 on the most rented films on Amazon prime. So filled with joy to celebrate diversity in this film and the story line is so empowering and needed to be told. How special it was to work with such a great ensemble cast including Vivica A. Fox (Kill Bill), Erika Pinkett (Trap City), Jeremy Meeks(Trigger), Tray Chaney (The Wire) Tyler Hopkins (Differences) and introducing Reyna Love. Shooting this film and being Covid compliant was a great journey. Happy that audiences are enjoy the labor of love of this film. Next the "Welder" directed by David Liz. Pleased that we shot this modern day Frankenstein Film in the Everglades in South Florida. Lastly, LOVE ON THE ROCK lensed by Matt Shapira. This motion picture is a action adventure thriller like Romancing the Stone but in this movie there is a search for the Pancea that will save the world All star cast includes David A.R. White (Gods Not Dead) Steven Bauer (Scarface, Better Call Saul) Jeff Fahey (Silverado) Matt Marsden (Rambo) & Laurianne Gilleron (Stand Up Guys) it will be at Cannes in July.

FMN - You are also a Producer; can you share us some of your experience as being ?

VP - Producers are problem solvers. It was a natural progression from Modelling, acting to producing. I am an on hands producer working with all the departments on set to execute the great vision and collaborative effort of film making.

FMN - What’s something we should know about you that might surprise us?

VP - I love Hagen Das Ice Cream and every kind of Gelato.

ACTOR : Vincent de Paul Shot on Location in NYC


OUTFITS : Knotch Lapel Jacket by L.B.M.

Shirt by Etro

Belt by Salvatore Ferragamo

Denim by Girbaud

Merino Wool Sweater by Lends End

Denim Jeans by L.B.M.

MODEL,ACTOR & PRODUCER : Vincent de Paul


POTOGRAPHER : Sarah Lenoir


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