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"The Amazing German Face"! CHRISTOPHE LARSSON

After 13 years of school I started working as a model at the age of 19.

After a few years in the modeling business, modeling took a back seat due to my job. I have been working full-time for many years as the pedagogical director of a day clinic for child and adolescent psychiatry in St. Wendel in Saarland and I want to remain loyal to this part of my life.

It wasn't until 2018 that I plunged into this world again: a photo shoot as part of a promotion for the German men's cosmetics line Ebony Skincare in September 2018 on the island of Sylt suddenly changed my plans and modeling was once again a high priority in my life.

As a model, I walked the catwalk of New York Fashion Week for the American fashion designer Franklin Rowe International in February 2019 and also stood there in front oft the camera for the fashion designer Demetrius Williams.

My participation was actually planned for a NYFW contest, but I was discovered and was allowed to go straight to the fashion show in Manhattan, where I was celebrated as "The Amazing German Face"!

For me, a lifelong dream came true: I was right in the middle of the big fashion hype on the Hudson River, in the high-dose glamor of the fashion world! I love contact with and with people.

Working in a team with photographers, cameramen, make-up artists, stylists, choreographers, designers and other models is always a great experience for me.

Since May 2019 I have been under contract with the model agency ELBMODELS (@elbmodels) based in Hamburg and Munich.

What shapes me, what are my ideals?

Life has always thrown everything at my feet, when I fell I got up, never burying my head in the sand and I can get myself out of a negative feeling.

I have never said goodbye to my ideals, challenges are springboards for me, changes offer me new opportunities, I am an absolute fighter, reliable, strong-willed, disciplined, cosmopolitan and very communicative, a family person through and through, a team player, a stand-up man , keep trying out new things, motivate myself and others, don't take myself too seriously, laugh very often and happily, also at myself and enjoy life immensely.

Despite my 54 years of age, I have remained youthful because I feel that way ... completely relaxed and I continue to make sure that I stay flexible as I grow older.

In my life I never thought in terms of time.

Getting older in the sense of frail old and immobile are just conditioning for me. Those who live with such beliefs create all of this themselves.

Life is an eternally flexible process that I love to immerse myself in every day. In addition, I preserve the childlike. At the same time, it is essential for me to only compare myself with myself and never with others. When dealing with children, it is important for me to respect

them, to meet them on an equal footing and to give them the space to develop freely.

Modeling is my passion and I can very well imagine doing it at the age of 100 ... AGE IS JUST A NUMBER!


Christophe Carl Larsson




Jeans: Scotch&Soda Jeans

Leather Jacket: DIESEL


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