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TATIANA RODRIGUES Miss Brazil 2022 Stars in Maisa Gouveia & Natalia Gouveia Capsula Collection.

Updated: May 12, 2023

Born in Goiânia, at the age of 27, Tatiana has a degree in Pharmacy, works as a Dermato Specialist pharmacist and in her spare time works as a digital influencer on her social networks. At 1.77cm ( 5`8 ) tall, weighs 63 kg ( 138 lb ) and is an Aries sign. Still young at the age of 14, she started her modeling career, where she made several advertising campaigns and fashion shows throughout her career. Since starting her career, she knew she wanted to be Miss, she participated in her first pageant in 2017, but had to take a break from her career to dedicate herself to her studies. Now, after completing graduation and her specialization, she has fulfilled her dream. Returning to the catwalks and being Miss Brazil.

Tatiana explains that being Miss is being a spokesperson for her people and representing their traditions, it goes far beyond beauty, it is influencing people and women. “Today, women are occupying more and more of their space in society, occupying positions that were previously impossible, being able to be whatever they want to be a mother, wife, free woman, model, politician”, she points out. Tatiana is proud to represent Brazil, a country known for carnival, football, natural resources and vast diversity. For her, the most important thing is to show the Brazilian people. “A people who struggle every day, welcoming and who always seek to make their dreams come true with a lot of determination, is an immense joy for me, I get emotional when I think about the responsibility I carry with this title”.

Friendliness, honesty, elegance and beauty, were the evaluation criteria of the National Pro-Beauty Union for choosing Miss Brazil 2022 in the Miss and Mister Brazil that in the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the pageant in the country. This achievement opens up many opportunities to work on social responsibility with the community.


Brazilian stylists Maísa Gouveia and Natália Gouveia launched an exclusive winter capsule collection, the looks combine elegance, modernity and style. The top models were Miss Brazil 2022 Tatiana Rodrigues and Miss Teen Goiás Júlia Moura, who were photographed in the beautiful decorated apartment of “The Sun” project by the company EBM with 450m2 in Praça do Sol, in the city of Goiânia-Go, with the support from the competent investment broker Rosana Halterbeck. The photo shooting was clicked by fashion photography expert, CEO and editor of Fashion Magazine NYC, Marcos Vasconcelos. The new winter shapes carry refined and meticulously thought out details and a color palette that transits between the vibrant tones of tangelo orange, passing through emerald green, in the yellow duo illuminating \ ultimate gray , serenity, and the sophisticated mustard yellow . The new Maisa Gouveia and Natália Gouveia collection exudes excellence in haute couture and will be available at the brand's physical store in Goiânia and on online sales platforms around the world.

MODEL MISS BRAZIL 2022 : Tatiana Rodrigues @tatiana_bertoncini_

DESIGNER: Maisa Gouveia & Natalia @maisagouveiaestilista

MODEL MISS BRAZIL 2022 : Tatiana Rodrigues @tatiana_bertoncini_

DESIGNER: Maisa Gouveia & Natalia @maisagouveiaestilista

MODEL MISS BRAZIL 2022 : Tatiana Rodrigues @tatiana_bertoncini_

DESIGNER: Maisa Gouveia & Natalia @maisagouveiaestilista



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MODEL MISS BRAZIL 2022 : Tatiana Rodrigues @tatiana_bertoncini_

DESIGNER: Maisa Gouveia & Natalia @maisagouveiaestilista

PHOTOGRAPHER : Marcos Vasconcelos @marcosvasconcelosnyc

HAIRSTYLE & MAKEUP : Duarte Haircut @duartehaircut

JEWELRY : Aulore @aulorejois

SHOES : Josefa Bernardes @josefabernardes

GENERAL ASSISTENT : Marta Zanatta @vasconceloszanatta



COMMERCIAL MANAGER ( EBMCLASS ) : Thais Nascimento @imoveiscomthais

REAL STATE ENTREPRENEUR : Rosana Halterbeck @rosana.halterbeck



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