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Rafael Peixoto is a therapist and presenter of a TV, “The Learning Mind”. Rafael considers himself a dreamer who seeks to help people in the realization of their dreams, respective dreams. At 41 years of age, married and without children by choice, Rafael is a Petropolitan in love with life in the mountains and who loves reading and practicing outdoor activities, how to walk and photograph nature. “I like to think that life is a big land where we harvested what we plant, as long as we plant the seed (the dream) right in fertile ground, of course!” comment Today, he chatted with Fashion Magazine NY, to tell a little about your career, dreams and the moment current! Check it out below:

Rafael, tell how you started your career as therapist? Honestly, I confess that I don't know when it was, but we can consider that I became a professional in the field when I started to be more curious about life and the functioning of the human mind. In a way, we all have those moments when we become therapists, professional or not, because time and time half, we are actively listening to someone, reflecting on the their experiences and even giving advice or “tips” (laughs). An official milestone was when I left the corporate world in 2019 and I decided, from there, to build my own business. I wanted something that was aimed at helping, directly, the people who were looking for a 2nd chance to resolve your most internal issues possible. Since then, therapy has become more than a profession and, yes, a philosophy of life. Today, in addition to being a Clinical Therapist, I share my time as TV presenter and corporate speaker for topics focused on Team Leadership, Metaverse Impacts, Communication and Professional Engagement.

What type of approach (Technique) do you use in your attendance? I use a very different approach from the traditional ones, known as Brief Therapy, totally focused on the treatment of psychosomatic conditions, that is, symptoms that have an emotional aspect at their origin. The method was born as an alternative to the different models conventional treatments that, for the most part, follow a particular line of theory or, as we usually say in the world of psychology, a current of thinking (eg, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, etc.). From my point of view, I believe that following a certain line and to cling completely to it, ends up plastering the way to deal with the complex problems that the human mind is capable of generating. I always say that the mind is so complex that we must look for the different therapeutic lines with a view of complementarity, not disregarding any source of knowledge and reflection. Today, thanks to advances in Neuroscience used in technique, 90% of my patients go through only 2 sessions and get magnificent results, comparable or even higher than those obtained after years of attending a therapeutic office, weekly, in the traditional model. The Brief Therapy has a 360 degree analysis and aims to focus to identify the root cause of the problem presented by the patient. The method becomes fast and efficient, as it uses the clinical hypnosis, in the classic model, to access the subconscious of the patient and identify the main causes, or that is, the strategies and learning of the CNS - Nervous System Patient Central and that cause physical discomfort and/or mental. I emphasize that at no time does the patient stop being aware of your experience throughout the process of Brief Therapy.

Throughout your experience, as a therapist, what are the biggest challenges that people have difficulty facing? A great question! My answer is very biased towards the behavior of the procrastination. Unfortunately, Brazil has a very focused on a corrective and not a preventive attitude, this means that a large portion of the population only seeks help when reaches a level of lack of control or emotional imbalance with high impacts on a daily basis, that is, when the “glass” is already overflowing. Also, I observe that many arrive at the office looking for miraculous solutions, that is, they believe that the therapeutic process will exempt liability and, mainly, the attitude for the results in your life. In this case, the therapist works as if he were a conductor which has the role of guiding the other side, responsible for tuning and play your instrument (here, the brain).

What kind of incentive do you usually promote as a factor motivation to your customers? During the entire process, I put myself on an equal footing. equal, fully, accessible for any doubts that may arise between one meeting and another. One of the big taboos that we need to break is related to the fact that many therapists put themselves at a different level from the patient, which ends up distancing the therapist-client relationship and, we know, respect and empathy are key factors in building trust during the treatment.

You present a program on TV: THE MIND THAT LEARN. Tell us about your work as a Presenter: I love talking about this subject, because I face this activity as a mix of hobby + professional. I'm sorry performed when I'm on the other side of the cameras, passing knowledge, interacting with the public and, mainly, having the opportunity to listen and contribute to the future of my audience. During the program, I take matters of common interest for those people who seek develop a better quality of life through self knowledge. The unexpected is something that has always enchanted me and, therefore, I really appreciate the broadcast model, LIVE. It is clear that requires more delivery and a much greater sense of responsibility. greater by the presenter.

Do you consider yourself a dreamer, what are your biggest consumption dreams? I consider Life a great Dream that deserves to be experienced when we are properly awake. As a good Sagittarius, I live in search of something new, challenges, opportunities, in short, a new way of solving problems. Throughout my journey, I have always been involved in innovative projects that ended up bringing me a new look for the future.

Do you think it is important to dream, what tips do you give to bring dreams to existence? First of all, dreaming is more than necessary for a life of accomplishments, we live in search of happiness all the time however, dreaming without action is the same as hallucination. In the end, every dream needs ATTITUDE to get off the paper and materialize. Another important tip is that the execution must be preceded by a strategic planning, because, I see too many people doing too many things at the same time, working hard, however, we need to replace the “hardwork” by “smartwork”, that is, planning and executing in a intelligent, otherwise we will have the impression that the Time is passing with no apparent achievement. Finally, as a great student of the human mind, of the brain, I have to inform you that we don't "function" well alone, we need to live in society and interact with others, network. Remember that the brain has billions of cells, called neurons, which are born with a very specific purpose. specific, make connections to generate results!

The Bible speaks of dreams in the passage of Joseph from Egypt. He was the victim of envy of the brothers themselves for telling their dream with them. What your opinion about sharing dreams before happen? This is a very complicated and delicate subject, because I usually say that the closest people are the first to be “tested” by the force of envy. Unfortunately, our society still values ​​“TO HAVE” more than “BE”. According to Neuroscience, we are animals, extremely, emotions and dealing with our emotions on a day-to-day basis is not not easy, especially when we live in a society still very unequal in several aspects, with emphasis on the economic. When we tell people about our desires, plans or dreams, we are opening the opportunity for opinion of others and, often, instead of encouragement, we hear just the opposite. Remember that each person has a point of view about a point, as well as a own way of speaking. Also, we can add that the brain gives a lot of attention to what is considered new by him or, even unexpected. With that, when we inform something that is about to happen, that is no longer new and, automatically, we may lose interest without understanding the real reason, perhaps, due to the subconscious.

Today you are giving an interview to Fashion Magazine NY, an American magazine from the city of dreams, how does it feel to be here? Indeed, a great dream! Be part of one of the editions of the prestigious Fashion Magazine NY is a unique opportunity. I remember that in past, not too distant, I found myself admiring the people and their stories published in the most varied magazines and, today, to have the opportunity to be here telling a little about the my story is wonderful. Leave a message for our readers Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I hope that, in a way, has contributed with a new look or provoked a reflection, on a certain aspect in your life. Also, I would like to share a Japanese proverb that I consider it part of my philosophy of life. - Train while they sleep, study while they sleep have fun, persist while they rest, and then live the that they DREAM.


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