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LENKA JOSEFIOVA - Meet our Cover Model Queen of Fashion and Tourism in Paris


Paris Fashion Week by Lenka in Paris

Hi. It’s Lenka Josefiova, Miss Europe Tourism, TV presenter and travel & fashion blogger. You might know me from social media as @thetravellingbeautyqueen & from May 2022 cover of this magazine.

It’s my pleasure to share with you my new blog created exclusively for Fashion magazine NYC. My first blog is about Paris Fashion Week ( PFW ).

PFW is of the most prestigious events in the fashion industry. It never fails to leave us in awe with its stunning runway shows & innovative designs. Paris Fashion Week has a rich history dating back to the early 20th century. PFW always attracts top designers, models & fashion bloggers from all over the world. It influences the global fashion industry from haute couture to ready-to-wear. PFW's influence extends far beyond the runway, shaping global fashion trends & impacting the retail market. It has a big impact on the fashion world.

This year's Paris Fashion Week offered a remarkable showcase of talent and creativity. In this blog I will highlight some the upcoming talented designers of the latest edition, which I have personally liked.

What is PFW? It’s glimpse into the glamour, beautiful gowns, unique fashion shows, extravagant outfits, most fashionable people, champagne, events, parties, presentations, celebrities & the most followed fashion bloggers. At the beginning of March all eyes were on the biggest fashion elite at the city of Fashion - Paris!

It was my 2 nd time in Paris Fashion Week. First time it was in March 2020, just before Covid hit the world. This year it was pretty last minute decision to come to Fashion Week & because of my busy schedule I only managed to get to Paris for the last days of PFW.

From my limited time the shows that stood out for me were the ones by Fashion Week Studio Official. Presented in 5 March 2023 at the prestigious hotel D’evreux on Place Vendôme internationally renowned designers from Spain, USA, Dubai, Germany, UK, Bangkok, Pakistan, Beirut & Albania showcased their collections. Fashion Week Studio is becoming one of the largest production companies for independent designers during Fashion Week. I was invited to the shows as VIP front row guest & I am glad I was able to witness this unforgettable fashion event. The shows were a big success & I left feeling inspired & mesmerized.

For this occasion I wore dress by renowned fashion designer Jitka Klett from her Couture collection. Her couture pieces epitomize timeless elegance & style in combination with contemporary fashion elements of 21 st century women. She showcased her collections at the international Fashion Weeks & shows in Milan, Paris, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, China, Moscow, Beirut and many more.. She also designed gowns for Miss Slovakia 2017 finalists. Some of her designs that I wore during PFW you can see at the editorial for this magazine issue.

One of the shows I loved the most at Fashion Week Studio Official was by Spanish fashion designer Alberto Muñoz. He presented a truly creative & joyful collection at PFW. Each piece was a work of art, crafted with exquisite fabrics, intricate embroidery & unique shapes.

“LE ROMANTISME” perfectly blended his cultural heritage & contemporary style, featuring bold prints & vibrant colors.

I contacted him after the show as I liked his creative designs & he came all the way from Spain back to Paris for the photoshoot with me. I really loved the pink flowers outfit & I got it gifted, so you will definitely see me wearing it in the next PFW!

I also liked the show of Vlora & Kaltrina. The stunning collection showcased magnificent gowns, which will makes you feel like a Queen, when wearing it..

During PFW there are so many events..

I liked PFW press cocktail reception, where Paco Rabanne’s longtime collaborator Veronika Jeanvie unveils Paris Fashion Air at the brand new luxury fashion hub Maison de l'Amérique Latine.

Most of my time in Paris I spent shooting for the covers & editorials of international magazines. My make-up, hair & nails was done by amazing beauty salon Al Sagheer Paris. I would like to thank to Rafilo Toma for glamming me up with his team for all my photoshoots, shows & events in Paris & to one of the most talented make-up artists I have ever ever - Mj Karam. I had the best glam team ever!

Next PFW is coming this September 28th to 4th October 2023 & this time I am planning to be there from the beginning till the end. I was also invited to come to Milan Fashion Week, so I am thinking about it as well.

I will see you again soon on the pages of Fashion magazine NYC with my next Fashion Weeks coverages & also my travel adventures.. Bye for now: Lenka in Paris

PS: Yes I created this nickname based on one of my favorite TV series on Netflix: Emily in Paris.

MODEL - Lenka Josefiova @thetravellingbeautyqueen

PHOTOGRAPHER - Régis Gnahoua @redg_________g

DRESS - Jitka Klett @jitkaklett

MAKE-UP - Mj Karam @mjmakeup_paris2

PHOTO EDITORS - Emma Cheer @cheerio_snaps


MODEL - Lenka Josefiova @thetravellingbeautyqueen

PHOTOGRAPHER - See Foo @sefo_life

MAKE-UP - Mj Karam @mjmakeup_paris2

PHOTO EDITORS - Emma Cheer @cheerio_snaps & Lora Muratova @lorochkamuratova


MODEL - Lenka Josefiova @thetravellingbeautyqueen

PHOTOGRAPHER - Petit Julen @petitjulenfotografia

FASHION DESIGNER - Alberto Muñoz @albertomunoz_official

MAKE-UP - Mj Karam @mjmakeup_paris2

PHOTO EDITORS - Emma Cheer @cheerio_snaps & Lora Muratova @lorochkamuratova


MODEL - Lenka Josefiova @thetravellingbeautyqueen

PHOTOGRAPHER - Denis Chaltiel @denischaltiel aka @legentilphotographe

FASHION DESIGNER - Jitka Klett @jitkaklett @jitkaklett_couture

MAKE-UP - Mj Karam @mjmakeup_paris2

PHOTO EDITORS - Emma Cheer @cheerio_snaps & Lora Muratova @lorochkamuratova


MODEL - Lenka Josefiova @thetravellingbeautyqueen

PHOTOGRAPHER - Jennifer Debruyne @jenny_dne


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