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NATHY KIHARA Model and Fitness Muse


Nathy Kihara, International model, has already made the pages of the main news media for her work as a photo model. Acting as one of the main fitness names on social media, Nathy won the title of Miss Butt World, in 2020, for her dedication to physical size at all times, including after motherhood. Mother of two, the most recent being little Luna, who is less than a year old, Nathy encourages other women to take care of their bodies even with their mother's routine. In 2018, she won the contest called Musa de Ipanema, and soon after sporting the belt, she posed for Sexy, a men's magazine in Brazil. Nathy has also posed for two other international men's magazines, namely Playboy Italia and Portugal. Attentive to environmental and sustainable issues, Nathy was also successful in revealing tricks to maintain a healthier and more balanced routine, both in food and in intimate life as well.

In addition, Nathy was once considered a lookalike of socialite Kourtney Kardashian, after spending more than R$ 200 thousand Reais in plastic surgery.


MODEL : Natha´lia Kihara @nathykihara

PHOTOGRAPHER : Emanuele Jeane Appendino @emanuele_jeane_photographer

ADVISORY AGENCY : Cacau Oliver @cacauoliver

PRESS OFFICE : Marcio Demari @marciodemari


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