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MURAT TAVMAN Top Fitness Model Lifestyle Ambassador


Murat Tavman was born in Istanbul, TR. He is a well known fitness lifestyle ambassador and lifestyle influencer with over a million followers. He has been lifting weights for almost 25 years and as a 2nd business, he owns a trading company focuses on apparel development, manufacturing and exporting for Europe and USA based private label brands.

As a youth, Murat participated in various sports during his college years in USA and the covers of magazines at that time motivated him to start training at his Sigma Chi Fraternity basement so that he could be stronger, healthier and appear on covers to be a role model to the people who needs to look up to someone and get the fire needed. This led to a passion for hitting the weights and accepting it as a lifestyle to influence others. After living in the USA for over 10 years, he moved back to Istanbul and kept his mission going. Through out his fitness career, he has landed on more than 50 famous magazine covers such as Men's Health, Muscle & Fitness, Men's Fitness…etc.

He appeared in many national prime time news and live tv shows. He also hosted his own TV series which aired on CNN Turk on the weekends about training and healthy cooking which led him to wrote his own book about which published 4 times. He has also been writing columns for the most famous national paper in Turkey for 9 years. In 2007, he has organized, hosted a global fitness talent show and appeared as a judge along with 4 other famous global fitness influencers that aired live on YouTube and Facebook at the same time. Later 2018, he established his own fitness brand 4Dedicated Co where he designs his own fitness apparel line and handled his own manufacturing, marketing and sales. He is also a fashion brand ambassador of NovaMEN by FashionNova since 2019.

On his Instagram page, he has been doing a lot of collaborations with many supplement brands, fashion brands, vacation resorts along with many other industries.

Murat always see lifting weights as a bridge to chase his goals in the real life. Mind set, target goals, stay dedicated, be patient and sooner or later he thinks he is gonna be closer than yesterday to achieve his real life goals. Because he believes that those are the winning recipe to achieve a fit body as well as other goals in life.

MURAT TAVMAN @murattavman

MURAT TAVMAN @murattavman

MURAT TAVMAN @murattavman

MURAT TAVMAN @murattavman


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