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RENNATA MATTOS Sight of a Star


Rennata Mattos is an actress, advertising professional, and presenter. Recently, her name has been considered for the role of Xuxa in a streaming production. However, her journey began much earlier, at the age of 11, on the theater stages of Rio de Janeiro, her hometown.

After four years of study at Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim, she joined as a supporting cast member in the soap opera "Malhação Múltipla Escolha" on Rede Globo. Her character, known as "Estela," grew throughout the plot and became the girl who created love triangles.

"Estela" marked her first major work on TV Globo. Subsequently, Rennata ventured into cinema, portraying "Maria Pia" in the feature film "Gatão de Meia Idade," inspired by the cartoons of Miguel Paiva. Rennata also had a stint on RecordTV, being part of the cast of the soap opera "Poder Paralelo."

With a degree in Social Communication, specializing in Advertising and Journalism from PUC-Rio, Rennata discovered her entrepreneurial spirit.

"I opened my marketing agency at a very young age, right after graduating. Artigos Comunicação was born in 2011 and was one of the pioneers in recognizing the potential of digital marketing. We fill the gap for small businesses that need effective marketing but don't have large budgets."

The agency produces multi-platform content, creating brand strategies for various segments, and continues to thrive in the market.

"I believe businesses are not created for those who found them. They exist to solve people's and society's problems. Today, Artigos' CEO is businesswoman Giovana Palladini. She leads the company and the team in Rio with great competence. We already have some accounts here in São Paulo, but in 2024, we plan to expand even further."

Always open to challenges, Rennata demonstrates her entrepreneurial spirit on other platforms, such as YouTube. "Divas de TPM" is a female humor channel she founded with journalist-producer Nicole Rocha.

"You know that project you LOVE? Divas de TPM is that for me. Initially, we created sketches, and I loved portraying various characters. Later, we switched to a talk show format. Despite being a well established format on mainstream TV, our differentiator lies in the originality of the stories. Some border on the absurd! It offers four different perspectives from four talented women. In 2024, we plan to produce thematic seasons, supported by partnering female brands."

In addition to "Divas," Rennata plays "Racha" in the web series "Dando Match," where she partners with actress Bel Machado.

"Dando Match" was born from the desire to exercise and produce content. Along with OA Gestão, led by Pat Schimit, we created this super entertaining original content to captivate the audience. It's also a showcase for casting directors to get to know me better. Humor is in my daily life, and I want to bring that

to those who watch me."

If it's up to us, we want to see much more of Rennata on all screens.



ACTRESS : Rennata Mattos @renatawmattos

Photo : Mike @mike.kttz

Rennata Mattos wears ER @ericarosa_oficial & @melissaofficial

Executive production and stylist : @patriciaximit

Management : @oagestao

Location : @branco_a pt

Making of : @gordo13


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