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MICHELE MUNIZ The Multifaceted Artist


Michele Muniz, The multifaceted artist Born in Santo André, Michele Any Gordo Martins known how Michele Muniz discovered the art of acting at a very young age, with only 12 years old, he went to a theater workshop in his hometown of Ribeirão Pires, in São Paulo. His first performance was in “se essa rua Fosse Minha", a collectively directed show by children of the course class. Even though she was already in love with art, Michele ventured into the world of sports, played volleyball and played championships by the São Paulo Volleyball Federation, representing the club from your city. However, the love for the profession spoke louder and in 2003, was approved for the academic course at PUC-SP, Communication of the Arts of the Body. From then on, your career doesn't stopped more and with her, a lot of study. Always very creative, believe me that studying is a great tool that keeps her always active. Today here at Attitude Magazine Michele tells a little more about her career, projects, family, dreams and unexpected pregnancy! Check it out! “Study is what keeps the flame of creativity alive, I love to learn, collect as much knowledge as possible and we found it in a variety of ways. shapes”, he points out.

Today, in addition to graduating from PUC, Michele is a Post Graduate in Script for Film and Television by FAAP. an artist multifaceted, is an actress, presenter, screenwriter and founder of producer Michele Muniz Production. She stands out for being very connected to social projects, either as an actress or as a director. IT IS responsible for the social cultural project “À Procura da Água”, which has the support of actress Paolla Oliveira. The project provides through theater the meeting of children with the arts, and addresses important for the social awareness of the preservation of the environment environment.

“I made my professional debut with the show “Mulheres de Rosa” directed by by José Rubens Siqueira, I went through the Wolf Maia TV school and then I was directed by Gisela Arantes in a show for traveling children. I dedicated myself to cultural production, written by dramaturgy until I founded my production company Michele Muniz Produções.”, tells Michele about the beginning of her career. The artist stands out for acting in projects with social relevance, directing shows such as: “Planet Água — A Sustainable World” and “Kiko Mico Fez?”.

In 2014 their daughter, Pietra, was born. “Motherhood and the profession are integrated into the home. I love being a mother and I do everything possible to be always with my daughter. Pietra is 7 years old and she is very accustomed to my profession, since she was a baby she has accompanied me on theater, lives with costumes at home, actors who work with me in my production company, characters, stories… I see all this with very naturally, she is my little partner and already a child actress, we did an advertising campaign together on Mother's Day for a mall and I was very surprised with the ease and joy with that she is in front of the cameras”, says Michele Muniz.

With an extensive career in theater, in 2020 the artist debuted her YouTube channel, with an unprecedented format of interviews, produced in sequence, without cuts. With “Não Mi Corta”, name given to the channel, the public can follow interviews with big names such as: Paolla Oliveira (actress), Vampeta (former player and commentator), Lucas Morato (singer), Mônica Carvalho (actress), among many others names. About the biggest challenges of the artistic career, Michele highlights that the hardest thing is not to give up. “The greatest of all is not to give up. It is always necessary to reevaluate the route in the career, what are the your real goals, what you want to do and outline a well-planned action to conquer.”

Driven by challenges and new experiences, Michele debuts this year as one of the protagonists of the feature “SARALIAELEIA”, where she acted alongside Dani Winits, Mônica Carvalho, Henri Castelli and many other stars. The partnership with Mônica Carvalho goes beyond acting, as Michele was co-writer on the project. “Monica headed the idea of the feature, signed a partnership with the production company Media Bridge and the city from Maragogi. From then on our script room was in full swing and we worked many hours poring over the script, there were many meetings, processes until we get to our first day of filming, the challenge of the first protagonist, the joy of making a a movie that just telling it would make another movie, laughs.”, said the paulistana.


ACTRESS : Michele Muniz @michele_muniz1

PHOTOS : Jaime Leme @jaimeleme

MAKEUP : Mari Pereira @maripereiramake

STYLING : Marcia Dornelles @marcia_dornelles

OUTFITS : Honoria Oficial @honoriaoficial

PROMOTER : Marcia Dornelles Comunicação @marciadornellescomunicacao


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