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FMNYC - How did you managed to connect several branches of art?

SOPHIA M. - If travel back to the time of Altamira cave, around 36,000 years ago, you can see resemblance, the human nature didn’t separate art, art forms used to coexist together for a certain purpose. It’s the same for me, as long as you have a purpose, or a story to tell, it’s going to work. I do my best to learn as much as I can, and to develop in all the fields I’m covering, and that’s what keeps me going. There was a certain professor on my university, (he’s one of a kind, great artist) and he said to me once, if you are able to do more, to cover more, to use different perceptions, why would you put a limit to it? In fact, nowadays you kind of have to be a multimedia artist. It’s a moment where you can make it on your own. But you must be an artist, and a producer, and to write it down, so for a few moments you swap the roles in order to create. That’s all I’m interested in, that’s the first thing that I can relate to – I create. I’m a creator.

FMNYC - How did you discover your talents?

SOPHIA M. - Well, as for my love towards music, it was sort of given to me. My mother is a harp teacher, and I grew up among musicians, since I was a baby, I was exposed to classical music. But even though, it was my curiosity. I had to try piano, and I had to try playing harp, and in the meantime, I switched to singing. Then came several years in theater, etc, etc. I just love to explore and to have fun. My way of having fun was going to art places, meeting artist and putting myself over there. Just understanding what is out there. Whatever tackles me, is simply worth a shot, this is how I learned to explore, question, adapt and transform. It’s great when you get to understand different perspectives, it adds another layer of color to your own creations afterwards.

FMNYC - How do you manage your art in order to stay relevant?

SOPHIA M. - I question it. Is it important? To whom? Who can relate to it? Would it make a difference, and how? Of course, I think about a fresh way to present something. In the world of IT, you want to go to AR. If all of us are spending time on our phones, I must go there. It’s a mix and match with traditional craft and new ways of expressing. Think about it, even for the museum, institution itself is no longer enough to attract. The human point of attention and way of perceiving has changed, and will change over time, you must follow that, but keep the essence.

FMNYC - Is there any interesting project you’re currently working on?

SOPHIA M. - Yes, absolutely! At the moment I’m working on a virtual museum opening, and it’s beyond impressive, so I’m really looking forward to being able to tell more. People are going to love it! Beside that, I’m reshaping one performance, for the next year. It takes a lot of time, as it’s an important subject. Performance is regarding violence against women. And I really hope to get back to my music, asap.

FMNYC - Where did modeling show up? How does that fit the picture?

SOPHIA M. - Well, I wouldn’t ever call myself a model. But some part of that works for me. I love contemporary and conceptual art. And channeling my art via photography or short videos that are now relevant on social media is a good opportunity for me to speak as I wish, to send a message in a way that people are going to understand. It’s a form of art that has a lot to offer, and it’s beyond interesting. Fashion is a lifestyle today, so it’s important to be included. Your clothes might not be who you are, but it certainly gives the picture of it, of what you wanted it to be.

FMNYC - Where from do you draw your inspiration?

SOPHIA M. -Everyday life. But by everyday life I mean, everyday frustrations, everyday absurd, important topics, sometimes even a raw emotion guides me, not necessarily mine, empathy, or the lack of empathy, cruelty, love. I like to raise more questions and push boundaries.

FMNYC - What do you say to young artists who are trying to break into the big American market?

SOPHIA M. - Just go for it. Make mistakes, they are important, and omg have fun! It’s what I tell myself. Don’t stay quiet but pick your fights. And another thing. Make sure you put healthy boundaries in your personal life, because the world will try to put boundaries on your art, creativity, and emotions. Stay clear to that.

FMNYC - Given that you recently moved here, do you have your version of American dream?

SOPHIA M. - Ah, the legendary myth! It’s a nice story if you want to inspire people. People starve for storytelling, if they are hungry, feed them a nice story. But it’s a nice narrative and I like it. Why? Because it inspires you to go for success, to create or recreate yourself from the scratch. You know dr Joe Dispenza said a very wise thing once, for you to change at least one habit, you must become a new person. So, in a way we all should tend to pursue our American Dream. The problem is, how do you measure success? Because American dream invites you to become successful in your carrier and get some money or fame. For me success is to be happy, peaceful, to have enough for my needs, to have a healthy and beautiful partnerships, whether it’s love, or friendship, to grow, to help the others, to help the planet earth, to create. Don’t get me wrong, recognition, comfort, and money, that’s always nice, and it’s in human nature to go for it. But there’s much more in the frame, we just need to broaden our perspective.

FMNYC - Some would say you can not separate art from the artist. If that’s the case, what are the values you as an artist and as a person stand for?

SOPHIA M. - I can agree. Well, it’s very simple with me. Please be kind, show respect, help those in need whenever you can. I’d like to invite people to recall the word “empathy” and understand it’s deep meaning. Especially when it comes to animals, and planet earth. Look around, we are in a possession of all kinds of information, it was never a better moment, never such knowledge, but are we doing good? Or we as a human race are just, selfish. Because I strongly believe we can create a better path. How? Start with yourself, with small things, everyday life. And stay open, question everything, say no to ignorance.

MODEL & ARTIST : SOPHIA MOREL @sophia_morel_

MODEL & ARTIST : SOPHIA MOREL @sophia_morel_


MODEL & ARTIST : SOPHIA MOREL @sophia_morel_




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