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Meet KIMMY REPOND Swiss Figure Skater


Kimmy Repond the best europaen figureskater on Junior World championships in Tallinn 2022

My name is Kimmy Repond, I am a figure skater and live in Switzerland. I am 5x Swiss champion, 9x gold medalist at international competitions and placed 7th at the 2022 Junior world championships. I started figure skating, because my two older sisters inspired me, as they were professional figure skaters as well. I love skating to different Musik and doing choreography, but especially i like to jump! I was also playing the piano when I was younger, but had to stop it, as I started high school, because I didn't have the time anymore... My plan is to start again next year, when I finish school! I am really excited for next season and hope to travel to many countries for competitions. My goals in figure skating are to make a podium at European championships, qualify for the (j)gpf and place top 5 at world championships


MODEL : Kimmy Repond @kimmy_repond

PHOTOGRAPHER : Ralf Eyertt @ralfeyertt

MAKEUP & HAIR : Reslie Mundwiler @magic_touch_by_res

JEWELRY : by Olga Ribler @byolgaribler


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