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GLENKORA COMTE Conquered Paris with her iconic Capsule collection landmarks.

Glenkora Comte Conquered Paris with Her Iconic Capsule Collection Landmarks.

Glenkora has always been inspired by art, nature, and the sensitivity of the human spirit to create new trends. On this occasion, she spent two years researching landmarks that have shaped world history. Here's a sneak peek of what the future collection will be. Based in the United States, Glenkora had the honor of creating a dress for a representative of Mrs. New York America, which encouraged her to pursue the dream of showcasing the architectural beauty of New York.

For two years, she worked on the dress inspired by the Chrysler Building, an art deco skyscraper on the East side of Manhattan, New York. It's one of the symbolic buildings of the Big Apple. The Chrysler Building dress is sublimated with eco-friendly ink technology, adorned with around 14,000 hand-applied crystals, creating a 3D effect.

The Chrysler building photo was a collaboration with the famous Ecuadorian photographer Daniel Barrera who took this photo from a helicopter as is his style of photography. Photographer who has captured celebrities such as Gigi Heidi, The Rock, Kim Kardasian, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Kendal Jenner and others.

Glenkora says, 'This dress holds great significance for me because this city has forever marked my life. New York has always opened doors for me, and when I'm there, I feel at home. I love its diversity, its history, its people, which is why designing this dress took time.'

The Fashion Film by Glenkora was filmed in parallel with and during Paris Fashion Week 2023, where her first Capsule Collection Landmark received a warm welcome.

Glenkora has always been a risk-taker, as demonstrated in her 2009 collection 'Fashion on the Dance Floor' for Converse. She has had sponsors such as Swatch, Renault, the government of Ecuador, The Kennedy Center in Washington DC, Omni Shoreman, the Ecuadorian Embassy, City Dance, Capital Construction Enterprises Inc, and others.

Glenkora's ode the global landmarks is more than a collection: it's a celebration of artistry, culture and history a testament to fashion's ability to transcend boundaries and weave tales of heritage and beauty.



DESIGNERS : Glenkora Comte @glenkoracomte 

MODEL : Luiza Rangel @_luizarangel 

PHOTOGRAPHER : Marcos Vasconcelos @marcosvasconcelosnyc 

FASHION FILM : Luccas de Capra @luccasdecapra 

PRODUCTION ASSISTANT :   Gabriel Heinemann @gabrielheinemann 

 Brune Zanatta @brunezanatta 

THANKS FOR SUPPORT IN PARIS AND MILAN : Noi Concierge @noiconcierge 

 Celebrity Photographer: @dbarrera1975 ( chrisley building photo on the dress )


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