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DARIIA KRAVETS A Journey of Growth and Fame.


Dariia Kravets: A Journey of Growth and Fame.

FMNYC : Dariia Kravets, thank you for joining us today. You have had an incredible journey in the fashion industry, from being a runway model to being ready to conquer the beauty world. Can you tell us more about this exciting transition?

Dariia Kravets: Thank you for having me! Yes, it has been an incredible journey so far. As a runway model, I have had the privilege of working with some of the most renowned designers and walking in prestigious fashion shows worldwide. However, I have always been fascinated by the beauty industry's ability to empower individuals. Now, I am ready to take on a new challenge and explore the world of beauty.

FMNYC : That sounds amazing! We understand that you recently made a significant achievement by being published in L`officiel Baltic this September. Can you share your experience with us?

Dariia Kravets: Absolutely! Being published in L`officiel Baltic was a dream come true for me. It was an incredible opportunity to work with such a prestigious publication and be a part of their vision. The shoot was a collaboration with an incredibly talented team, and I am grateful for the chance to showcase my work in such a renowned fashion magazine. It was a milestone in my career, and it has motivated me to continue pushing boundaries and exploring new avenues within the industry.

FMNYC : That's truly remarkable, Dariia. With your experience as a runway model and now being featured in L`officiel Baltic, how do you think these achievements will contribute to your new venture in the beauty world?

Dariia Kravets: Both my experience as a runway model and being published in L`officiel Baltic have provided me with invaluable knowledge and exposure within the fashion industry. These achievements have allowed me to build a strong foundation and establish connections with industry professionals. As I transition into the beauty world, I believe this background will give me a unique perspective and understanding of the industry. It will enable me to bring a fresh approach to beauty and contribute to its ever-evolving landscape.

FMNYC : That's fantastic, Dariia. Can you give us a glimpse into what we can expect from your foray into the beauty world?

Dariia Kravets: Absolutely! I aim to inspire and empower individuals through beauty. I want to create a platform where people can feel confident and embrace their unique features. I believe that beauty is not limited to a specific standard, but rather a celebration of diversity. Through my work, I hope to challenge traditional beauty norms and encourage self-expression. Whether through makeup tutorials, skincare tips, or sharing my journey, I want to connect with people and help them feel beautiful in their skin.

FMNYC : That's a beautiful vision, Dariia. We are excited to see your journey unfold in the beauty world. Before we wrap up, is there anything else you want to share with our readers?

Dariia Kravets: Thank you for your support and for following my journey. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities I have been given, and I am excited to embark on this new chapter. I encourage everyone to embrace their individuality and find their definition of beauty. Remember, beauty comes from within, and when you feel confident, you can conquer anything. Stay tuned for more exciting projects and collaborations in the beauty world!

FMNYC : Thank you so much for your time, Dariia. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and we can't wait to see what you achieve in the beauty world!

Dariia Kravets: Thank you! It was a pleasure speaking with you.


MODEL : Dariia Kravets @dariia__kr

PHOTOGRAPHER : Iya Shengelia @iya_shengelia_photographer

MAKEUP : Shumko Victoriia @shumko_viktoria

STYLIST : Karina Riviera @_karinarivera


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