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Claudia Melo - The magnitude and splendor of a complete artist

Actress Claudia Melo is a new face in the 3rd Season of “Arcanjo Renegado”

on Globo play.*

Claudia Melo is in the final stages of recording the 3rd Season of “Arcanjo Renegado” on Globo play, a series by José Júnior (Founder of AfroReggae and also author of “A Division” among other Streaming series).

The actress and journalist Paula Viana, optimistic about playing her first role as a news anchor, recalls moments she experienced as a presenter in real life, as she also has a degree in journalism and has worked as a presenter.

She highlights that they are different professions, but both have some objectives in common, such as bringing information, raising awareness, giving a voice to the population, among others.

Her inspirations for creating the character were the journalists and presenters Mariana Gross, Poliana Britta, Maria Julia Coutinho, Renata Vasconcellos and the late Glória Maria, who awakened in the actress her vocation for communication even as a child.

Claudia, who is now focused on her acting career, admires the work of creator José Júnior, for providing opportunities for new artists and especially for forgotten talents from Baixada Fluminense and communities.

The actress, who was born in the lowlands of Rio de Janeiro, was raised by her widowed mother, is proud of her roots and aims to inspire young people who are also going through difficulties, showing that anything is possible for those who believe and fight for their dreams.

Remembering that Claudia Melo is synonymous with empowerment. The actress, presenter, producer and businesswoman has a vast CV in all sectors of her profession .

Claudia, who has presented entertainment and sports programs, acts, produces and is a businesswoman. Celebrating the good phase, she believes that the best is yet to come.

As a producer, she has already produced films and streaming series, and is now producing a romantic comedy and will tour throughout Brazil.

Release by Actress Claudia Melo

CLAUDIA MELO: Presenter, Actress, Producer and Businesswoman. As an anchor and reporter on variety and sports programs. Live coverage, interviews and comments. She worked on broadcasters covering Carnival in Salvador and Rio de Janeiro. She has already been taught by Cininha de Paula at TV Globo's Actors Workshop. Her CV includes appearances in soap operas such as “Órfãos da Terra” and “A Dona do Pedaço”. Her work extends to streaming platforms. Amazon Prime Video, Series “My Body, My Wave”. She is preparing for the release of “Surviving in Hell". A dense role, a middle-class law student arrested for a crime of passion. To play the character, she had to go on a diet, losing 10 kg, with the help of high-intensity activity, Cross Fit. As a producer, she immersed herself in the seventh art when she was in the production of the feature film “Rocinha – Toda História tem Dois Lados”, acted as the police officer Vanessa. The preparation involved tactical training. She premiered the comedy play “Velório à brasileira”, Teatro Nannucci and is in the 3rd Season of the series “Arcanjo Renegado” on Globo Play, with the character Paula Viana, a news anchor. The next production is the play, a romantic comedy, in which she also acts alongside Actor Sidney Sampaio, which will soon go on tour.


ACTRESS : Claudia Melo @claudiamelooficial

PHOTOGRAPHER : Daniel Pinheiro @danpinheirofoto

MAKEUP : Robson Albuquerque @robsonalbuquerquehairoficial

OUTFITS : COVER : Rio Summer @rio__summer

OUTFITS EDITORIAL : Rio Summer @rio__summer

Zany Assessoria @zanyassessoria

COORDINATION AND ADVICE - DGassessoria e Comunicação @dgassessoria LOCATION: Fairmont Rio @fairmontrio

Gallery Santa Teresa @santateresamgallery


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