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By Déborah Rocha

How to rock festive events with this glamorous make-up After a long year, finally the holiday that all Brazilians love and which also marks the "beginning of the year": Carnival! Regardless of whether you choose to spend these dates traveling, at parties, at home alone, with friends or family, we know that in this period all we want is to dare to make up! Already during the year we don't have the chance to abuse glitter, sequins, stones and many colors in our day to day! Women's search for more "extravagant" make-up ideas are no longer linked only to Carnival, which is why there is an increasing trend of beauty professionals who bring incredible references within this aesthetic. Whether colorful, with stones like rhinestones and pearls, or a lot of glitter, carnival makeup always ends up becoming an event. “I really like creating makeup using stones. In this production with the model Iara Caselli, I chose to use golden stones around the fringe using a comb, hair gel and special glue for Eyelashes. After parting the hair, putting it in a ponytail, all you have to do is spread the golden pebbles around the fringe with the help of a toothpick. The same process is also carried out on the model's lap, which created a clean and elegant look,” taught professional Déborah Rocha, makeup artist and Hairdresser at the Salão Ophicina do Cabelo.

Credits Model : Iara Caselli @iaracaselli
from Mix Models Agency @mixmodelsagency Photos by Alex Curty @alex.curty.fotografia Beauty Déborah Rocha @deborah_rochapro
from the Hair Ophicina Salon @ophicinadocabelo Production and consultancy Márcia Dornelles Comunicação @marciadornellescomunicacao


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