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Anna Mel: Talent and purpose

Anna Mel, promise of the new generation of Brazilian

music returns to São Paulo to continue her career


Teen singer Anna Mel is a rising talent. Born in Ubá, the artist has been showing her talents

nationally since May 2019, when she released the first single ‘Sonho de Menino’ featuring

Father Fábio de Melo. In an interview, she confides more about her relationship with music

and announces some news.

Investing in new projects, the artist prepares her

return to São Paulo, where, together with an excellent

time in the studio, she will give voice to new songs in

her repertoire. Previously Anna Mel was in São Paulo

for work, using the production of content not only in

the musical part but also in the media part.

After changing her look and adhering to brighter hair, with a more modern cut, Anna Mel

performed an essay with leading professionals to update her portfolio. The shoot featured

Trumpas as photographer, Luan Ventilari as stylist, and Carlos Pompeio for makeup and hair.

All this to highlight the new phase in which Anna is and to express her personality and attitude.

As she describes herself, Anna Mel is a relaxed

person, a lively person. When a job comes up she's

there, she grabs it, she does everything the best she

can and makes it fun. Anna Mel is a real person, a

sensitive person, and when someone needs her, she

is always there. Anna Mel is a person who can't

breathe without music, music has always been part

of her and she can't live without it.

Asked what makes music such an important factor in her life, the artist reinforces: “Music is

my everything, it makes me who I am. I don't think I know how to define myself without music.

Everyone always sees me singing everywhere 24 hours a day, I'm always with the music my

whole life”.

New Horizons

After releasing the song 'Do Good' with the participation of Carlinhos Brown, in early 2022

Anna reaps the fruits of the love she puts into her work this year, which according to her is

being a different year than every year. “2022 is overriding all the problems. It's a healthier

year, a year of change as a person and as an artist. It is a year of growth that is coming with a

lot of writing, a lot of recording”, announces the singer.

Full of surprises yet to come, the singer gives us a

preview of her upcoming musical projects. “We will

soon have news with a multinational label. A release

is also planned for the end of the year, which will be

very special for me. I can say that the queen ‘Veveta’

(Ivete Sangalo) will record with me and then we will

release it”.

About the achievements and new phases, she

reinforces that gratitude makes her remain resilient

and even more focused on exploring her talent. “I am

extremely happy, extremely grateful for everything

that is happening in my life, I think everything has a

purpose from God, and nowadays the thing that

makes me the most happy is my career”, says Anna.

Finally, we thank the readers with a special message:

“I wanted to thank everyone who took a very long

time to read this interview. I love each of you and I

will do everything to be the best artist possible”,

concludes the young woman who is one of those

talents, in which her voice successfully affirms a

brilliant career ahead.


SINGER & ACTRESS - ANNA MEL @annamelxavier

PERSONAL ADVICE - Anamélia Caserta @anameliacaserta_

PRESS OFFICE - Rafaella Freitas @rafaellarffreitas

PHOTOGRAPHER - Trumpas @trumpas_

STYLIST - Luan Ventilari @luanventilari

MAKEUP & HAIR - Carlos Pompeio @carlospompeio


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