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WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS...? All I can say to you is... I`m DANIEL ALEXANDER



All I can say to you is...

I’m Daniel Alexander...

I get asked all the time about comparisons. Varying from colour & shapes, stripes or spots and even now celebrity comparisons. It’s very rare for a journalist to ask me something I haven’t already asked myself... Yet when a sassy yet eloquent American Journalist approached me about a “celebrity comparison” - I was notably perplexed... I wanted to say one of the Hemsworth boys but instead the truth came out, as it always does..

“Good question - without a doubt it has to be Joan Crawford - she’s the perfect mix of pure elegance, sex and crazy (just like me!) It’s the ultimate fashion power combination.

However when asked “have you always taken fashion so seriously”. I get offended.

I’ve been sewing since I was six-years-old, but it wasn’t something one would talk about as a boy because dresses were for girls. What’s the my answer to this riddle..? Winning an Australian Fashion Award at the age of 17. It was on live TV in Australia so there was absolutely no hiding it anymore. So do I take fashion seriously - Fuck Yea I do!

Style & artistry isn’t an equation - You either got it or ya ain’t it.. Helped along by dramatically woven fashion memories from childhood have now shaped me into the designer I am today.

I have grown up in a tapestry of spotlights that have lit my way to keep wanting more. After every milestone in my career & then searched for the next. Some darker spotlights were certainly not as warm and embracing as the ones I wished for myself . They had much rougher effects on my strength still to this day.

- As I’ve grown as a person, friend, brother

and son, my aesthetic and style has evolved too. Back then I would design for the woman I thought wanted to buy my clothes, but now the woman I’m designing for is the woman I would be if I was a woman – elegant, sexy and crazy…just like Joan.

Who do I think I am...?

I’m Daniel Alexander

There is no fairy tale story for fashion designers striving to have their work recognized internationally.

But Australian designer Daniel Alexander has taken another step along the road to success by being invited to present his 2023 “Singing in DA Rain” collection at Paris Fashion Week.

He considers PFW as the ultimate in a career path which has included some significant milestones of success.

2005. Winner Australian Men’s Fashion Award (at the age of 21)

Finalist in Women’s and Children Wear

2009-12 Opened Fashion Retail outlets in Brisbane, Queensland Australia

2012-14 ???? Dubai swimwear

2018 First Appearance NYFW

2019 NYFW and LAFW

2020 NYFW and LAFW

2019 Winner Best Fashion Documentary Red Silk Carpet Awards USA

2020 Winner Best Fashion Designer Red Silk Carpet Awards USA

2021 Winner Best Fashion Designer Red Silk Carpet Awards USA

2021 Winner Best Fashion Show Producer Red Silk Capet Awards USA

In addition, his work has been recognized by

• publication in Vogue, Elle and Harper’s

• Invitation to exhibit the Tattinger Gallery in NY

• Invitation to perform live mode dressing for a charity event hosted on the Royal Yacht by the Prince of Monaco

• Guest lecturer to fashion students at FIT in NY

• The subject of a 20-minute documentary aired by CBS to an estimated audience of 18 million

• Daniel is also achieving recognition for another aspect of his talents – creating cutting edge photo art. A self portrait acrylic on canvas reach the final 100 of the …art judging in Australia.

• He has featured on the covers of fashion trend magazines Luiza Lux and Flash where he is named Visionary Designer

• There were also cover features in a range of other magazines including New York Life and NY Fashion

“You should never expect to wake up one morning and find you have suddenly been discovered. It is a long tortuous road that is full of frustrations and disappointments – and that road never really ends,” Daniel says.

Daniel – now aged 39 – took his next step forward in Paris at Paris Fashion Week. Presenting his 2023 “Singing in DA Rain” Collection at the Ritz Paris on September 30th, 2022.


2023 Paris “Singing in DA Rain” Campaign

Designer: Daniel Alexander @da_by_daniel

Model: Natalie Aponte @nataliemaponte

Model: Elle Ashley @elle_ashley_dark_angel

Model: Avadora Mimouni @avadoramimouni

Model: Monica Rivera @monicamarierivera

Jewelry: Dayra Cristela Testa @ayrelalove

Photographer: Rudy Arias @rudyparias


Ru de Chateau

La Garenne-Colombes

IIe-de-France 92250 (Paris), France



2023 “Singing in DA Rain” Collection

Designer: Daniel Alexander @da_by_daniel

Jewelry: Dayra Cristela Testa @ayrelalove

Hand Bags: Avadora Mimouni @avadoramimouni

Photo: Rudy Arias @rudyparias


Ritz Paris

Paris, France

Collaborative Show presented by Fashion Week Studio


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