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Holistic Stylist INDIA PURNELL & Kimono Designer Cody Chris Matthieu


Welcome to the second installment of the Cody Chris Collection and IndiStyle U collaboration! This project is in follow ups to their showing at New York Fashion Week powered by Flying Solo NYC. The Cody Chris Collection was one of 63 independent designers selected to showcase their new runway collection on the rooftops of Manhattan this past February!!

The story began December 2020. The city of Phoenix was shut down and Arizona’s fashion was ever too quiet. The demand for fashion shows was at an all time high and the risk remained, thus the Arizona Trending fashion series was born! On this day, Arizona’s community leaders united together to host the biggest fashion show before the end of 2020. There Cody Chris (the designer) and Indi (the holistic stylist) met and the collaboration seed was planted.

Cody Chris (the designer), in two weeks challenged himself to design 8 kimonos and in time that challenge became their second collection. The name of the collection is named Eight Pieces of Brocade, not only with literal meaning but also, it alludes to his roots in Wushu and appreciation of Qigong breathing exercises.

Indi (the holistic stylist), took Cody Chris’s vision and curated a wardrobe that complimented the essence of Arizona fashion through a couture lens.

The looks for each model were a manifestation of new life. The entire project was developed with this idea in mind. From the choice of fabric to accent wardrobe pieces.

Cody’s signature products are the kimonos and the two colorways chosen to compliment the environment for this shoot were the Sandy Rose and Lacey Violet. In contrast to the time of day and use of brocade fabrics really helps to make the jackets pop out in the night time.

Accent pieces were selected to compliment the design and aesthetic of Kimonos including model tops from local designer LeOndra Mailo of Loveur Design and locally sustainably sourced items.

Photoshoot site is the infamous Butterfly Wonderland exhibition located in the beautiful city of Scottsdale, Arizona. It is home to the largest butterfly conservatory in the country and we choose this location because butterflies represent simplicity and new beginnings!


Holistic Stylist: India Purnell IG: @inditheholisticstylist

Holistic Style Assistant: Khadijah Vanley IG:@deeks_35

Kimono Designer: Cody Chris Matthieu IG:@Codychriscollection

MUA: Sasha B. Stockton IG: @Bakedbysasha

Male Model: Zsheco IG:@Zsheco

Female Model: Cortney Davis IG:@TherealCortneyD

Photographer: Steven Fellheimer @stevenfellheimerphotography


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