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VALERI MANZIUK is an international producer

Valeri Manziuk is an international producer.

For more than 10 years, Valeri has been working with global brands, top models, and mega-influencers (influencers who hit a million followers and more). Her clients are on the FORBES, VOGUE, L'Officiel, Harper's Bazaar covers, and many other magazines. Their advertisements are on the main square of New York!

- Valeri, tell us what it means to work as a producer.

- For me, producing is a set of actions aimed at developing and defining the brand, upgrading it to a new business level. The production performs the functions of a marketing and PR agency and works with your social networks and the presentation of you or your brand in the market. And it doesn't matter if it's a person (e.g., self-promo) or a company (e.g., clothing brand, restaurant, etc.). Indeed, nowadays, a lot depends on the brand's positioning online. A client will consider whether to work with you if you have poorly developed social networks, no trustworthy success cases, reviews, or a dubious site.

- Tell us where to start and how to develop your brand?

- The most important thing is to know your ultimate goal. If you are confident and know what result you want, as well as the time frame and budget - this is already half of the road. The next step is to trust the professionals. We make a presentation, measuring the potential of each client, in which we prescribe each step in terms of time and actions. All this creates a complete picture for the client and us.

- What do you consider the most successful client cases?

- You know, it's wrong to make a comparison like this, and even more so, sharing sensitive information about clients is not ethically correct. Still, I am sincerely proud of the results of all our clients. Each is a separate piece of soul we invested in the project. I am most motivated by their success when we help people reach a new level and watch how they open up differently. For each client, we do analytics reports to measure brand transformation by different indicators, comparing our starting point and the current state.

- What would you like to wish our readers and people starting to engage in personal brand development?

- Above all, confidence in yourself and that you will succeed! As well as the understanding that everything is possible if you believe in yourself and your brand. It is the key to success! But it would help if you were always prepared to have a strong core, for not everyone will celebrate your success, and you may encounter many judgmental looks, but this should never scare you and even stop you. You need to keep moving forward! After all, in the end, we are remembered for our victories, and let it always remain a pleasant

VALERI MANZIUK @manziuk_v_

VALERI MANZIUK @manziuk_v_

VALERI MANZIUK @manziuk_v_


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