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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year MAISA & NATALIA GOUVEIA & SUSANA DAMOUNI

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

"When we unite two super feminine elements such as the Maisa Gouveia Natália Gouveia dress, with a rounded shape made in shiny brocade lace and red, the result is a glamorous, elegant look full of personality, like the one worn by the wonderful Canadian influencer and humanitarian activist Susane Damouni , photographed in Florida USA by the lens of fashion photography expert Marcos Vasconcelos CEO and photographer of the international fashion magazine NYC , in a magnificent fashion shooting that immortalizes dreams , with a production of good taste and refinement , check it out"

Designer Maisa Gouveia


High Fashion-Model, Social Media Influencer &

Women’s Wellness Advocate

Canadian-Born Model and Women’s Wellness Advocate Susana Damouni, at 15.8 million followers; known as the “Barbie Doll of Instagram” is known as one of the most influential female social media icons today; making a huge difference in the lives of women seeking their own standard of beauty, with grace and authenticity. Known for her fierce stance on important cultural shifts within the beauty industry’s safety standards around breast augmentations, Ms. Damouni frequently speaks about the importance of increased FDA regulations.

ABOUT SUSANA DAMOUNIEducation: National institute of broadcasting, Wellsprings College Full Aesthetician diploma, Early childhood education Diploma, Marvel beauty school ‘s for make up artistry diploma Promotional model : S&S promotions, Playboy Golf, Sugar models, Taking care of business promotions, Modelling promotions, North American promotional modeling Customer included: International Auto show, Toronto Hawaiian tropics, Heineken, Labatt’s, Budweiser, Mike’s hard lemonade, Stella Artois, Zebra calendars, Various golf tournaments across North America, Palm Casino Hotel Las Vegas, Z 1 03.5 , Charity events, Toronto international film festival celebrity chaperone Susana was born on May 28th(Gemini) in Toronto, Canada. As a young child she loved taking pictures and was influenced by the modelling world. From a young age, she has been able to travel around the world and went to different schools across the globe like the Jumeirah American school in Dubai, English Grammar School in Cypress and the Bahrain School, before her family headed back to Toronto Canada to continue her education there. Her presence on Instagram with the ID Susana.dxoxo has brought millions of followers from across the globe. She has emerged as the “Barbie Doll on Instagram” with her perfect figure and body shape. She is also a great fitness blogger and loves researching cosmetics to help her followers out with recommendations.

Susana is also a fashion and beauty lifestyle influencer and a brand ambassador for such companies as Amore jeans, Alingmed, Dose of Roses, Revolve, Mario Badescu, Bomba flattummyco , and many more. She has a growing social media platform and fanbase. Today Susana is also a prominent advocate for FDA laws and restrictions for safe surgical procedures, especially those of breast augmentations, having survived her own instance of doctors withholding information from her after surgery, ultimately causing her to endure severe illness for years. Susana later began to research for herself, the truth behind the neurotoxins in many silicone implants and the dangers they impose on. While she always advocates for people to do what they want with their bodies, she cares the most about health, safety, and full disclosure. She has become a frequent contributor to the @Simonetta Lein show and @XENSAMS Radio show @iHeartRadio where she gives her opinions on cosmetics, fashion, and pop culture and is an advocate for the FDA laws and restrictions for safe surgical procedures. She is famous for always sharing her personal stories, bubbly personality, Barbie doll looks and engaging with her followers on a daily basis. Recently she has modelled for MAISA GOUVEIA & NATALIA GOUVEIA


Paid collaborations with







Alignmed, Dose of Roses, Goats of Woman, Beauty Kitchen, Goli, Kimmy Luxe Dolls,

Get Boomba, Madnecia, Shining Style, Just Strong, Lilunderwear, PHNX, Lumen,

Amore Jeans, FNX, KISSMWAH, Revolve.


DESIGNER : Maisa Gouveia Natália Gouveia @maisagouveiaestilista

MODEL & INFLUENCER : Susana Damouni @susana.dxoxo

PHOTOGRAPHER : Marcos Vasconcelos @marcosvasconcelosnyc

HMUA : Fashion Magazine Nyc team @fashionmagazinenyc


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