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Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Tatiana Monteiro is a multi-potential artist living in the United States for 22 years, being part of the cast of several musicals that have won the world. With body, mind and soul in balance, Tatiana acts as the protagonist, choreographer and the executive producer of the feature #ONLINE. Musa has the partnership with Maurício Moraes, writer and director of the film, and Anésio Junior as director of photography. The film, which is scheduled to open in 2022, tells the story of the character Nicole Adams, a betrayed actress who discovers that she can buy followers on Instagram and starts living in the virtual world! Similar with so many real stories that we deal nowadays. The film was written to be a monologue and run in theaters in Brazil, but with a schedule full of performances, taking her talent around the world, Tatiana and Maurício decided to turn the project into a feature film and shot in just 15 days, passing through Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Carmel and Monterey.

Tatiana's career started early, studying performing arts in school, at just five years old. The sport was also part of the actress's life. She was a professional basketball player for Botagofo and Leite Moça. Then came horseback riding and fencing. But Tatiana's vocation for the arts spoke louder. At the age of twelve, she started dancing to never stop. The early death of her father, with whom she traveled from an early age to various countries and experienced different cultures, was a blast. At 15 she moved to her godmother's house in Copacabana. There, she discovered meditation in her encounters with the sea. Just four months after her father passed away, Disney released The Lion King which helped her to see her painful absence with another perspective. This lead her to delve into spirituality, graduating in "Awareness Wisdom" with Michael Bernard Beckwith.

The alignment with her divine gift led her to study arts scenics At The Casa Da Gávea with Paulo Beti, where she was part of the cast of the musical Tribobó City by Maria Clara Machado. In 1999 she studied at the "Oficina de atores da GLOBO" With Tonio Carvalho and Ulisses Cruz. Afterwards, she participated in the musical Jesus Cristo Super Star directed by Cinha de Paula and has not stopped since them. Luiz Carlos Tourinho offered a scholarship at the tablado school where Tatiana was a guest star at Tabroadway Musical. After studying there for 2 years she then joined Musicarte, a theater company by Carlos Leça. Tatiana was invited by the director Luiz Eduardo Pinto to replace the very well know actress Sandra Pera in the teen musical Reino Azul where she had to learn 8 musical numbers in just 15 days. Since then, she began to envision a move to New York where she dedicated to improve her artistic skills and experience new opportunities. During her first visit to New York, Tatiana decided she wanted to stay, and later would settle permanently in New York. and now has been 15 years in New York, 4 years in Los Angeles and 3 years in Las Vegas.

Tatiana passed an audition among 500 contestants from all over the world, to win a scholarship at the Broadway Dance Center where she graduated in 2005. Being the only South American chosen to graduate in musical theater at the school. Back in Brazil, she acted in several Novelas on Globo, such as Esperança , Rei do Gado, Bang Bang and many others, Her international career includes the "world tour" of the Emmy winning spectacular Fuego by the Spanish guitarist Benise, who she performed alongside in 52 cities in China and the biggest theaters in the USA. Tatiana played Dolly in the musical Hello Dolly for Broadway's biggest diva Carol Channing's 90th birthday. She sang at Le Cirque with Godfather actor, Gianne Russo. She also starred in the musical Holiday in Heaven that won her an award at the United Nations' Brazilian Portuguese awards in 2014. In 2015 the Brazilian international Press Awards considered Tatiana one of the top 5 best Brazilian singers based in the USA. Her latest production is a 1975 classic by the award-winning Tom Eyen. The play Women Behind Bars, starring a legendary cast, directed by Scott Thompson. The show was on stage in January and February 2020 in Hollywood. Now the filmed version is available worldwide on Broadway HD (Amazon Prime platform), hosted by the brilliant great American comedian Kathy Griffin from the opening night.

Tatiana Monteiro participated in the 25th anniversary of Brodway Bares in the show Top Bottom of Burlesque! The actress is a natural talent, evolving over time and through the experiences where she works: • Rock Horror Show, • Sweet Charity, • Trickster Opera • Broadway2000 • Rio's Cabaret • Holiday in heaven • Hello Dolly • Martini Jazz


BROADWAY ACTRESS : Tatiana Monteiro @tatiana_monteiro77

DESIGNER : Richard Quinones @richardqdesigns

PHOTOGRAPHER TIMES SQUARE : Julio Coral @coral_julio

PHOTOGRAPHER B&W : Filipe Lisboa @fotografo_filipelisboa

PROMOTER : Marcia Dornelles Comunicação @marciadornellescomunicacao


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