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SUSANA DAMOUNI Model and Influencer

Susana Damouni

High Fashion-Model, Social Media Influencer & Women’s Wellness Advocate

Canadian-Born Promotional Model and Women’s Wellness Advocate Susana Damouni, at 14.6 million followers; known as the “Barbie Doll of Instagram” is known as one of the most influential female social media icons today; making a huge difference in the lives of women seeking their own standard of beauty, with grace and authenticity.

Known for her fierce stance on important cultural shifts within the beauty industry’s safety standards around breast augmentation, Ms. Damouni frequently speaks about the importance of increased FDA regulations.

We caught up with Susana on her most recent trip to Miami, Florida September 2022 at her luxurious stay while at the SLS Brickell on 09/16/2022 —09/22,2022

“Susana, what brought you on your latest travels to Miami?”

It is incredibly important for me, as such a vital Content Creator & Beauty Influencer, to make a positive and charitable difference, and speak at local and international events where the voice of women are truly shared & heard.

In collaboration with Originally Crafted Events, I was first invited as a VIP Speaker to a wonderful women empowerment retreat held a few days in this beautiful city, I call “my second home.”

This trip allowed me the opportunity to educate women who flew in from across the United States on the importance of understanding the current FDA laws and protections (and lack thereof) related to the medical procedure of breast augmentations.

Personally, with little real-world precautions or safety information, around this extremely popular beauty procedure, as a survivor of the illnesses known as (Breast Implant Illness) that can occur and did after my surgery- I was forced to do extensive amounts of research on my own that I wish I knew before I made my first decision to change myself in this way.

Just in the U.S., estimates show 1-2 MILLION women have had breast augmentations, with a 44% increase in women getting this treatment since 2020 and an average of about 325,000 breast augmentations happening every year.(stat)

Raising awareness of the dangers of the procedure, (because I personally lived through this chaos myself and lived..) is the core of my work as a Women’s Health & Beauty Advocate, a way my massive platform on the socials can truly have the impact the world needs right now to save women’s lives.

If I can help even one woman to make a wiser decision, love her body, especially her chest, naturally, the most altered part of a modern woman’s physique, she can make that personal decision with the right research, awareness & truth of the side effects, then I know I serve as a voice of integrity for other survivors.

I know my work has the meaning it is meant to truly have.

During my travels, several incredible designers, brands and hotels, like the incredibly divine SLS Brickell Hotel, understood my message and brand including the incredible fashion designer, Baccio Couture who sponsored the beautiful designs you see in some of these pictures.

“What was your favorite part about your visit to Miami to public speak?”

Many! Connecting with REAL women who are building their brands and want to learn from me as a beauty expert.

The wonderful staff at SLS Brickell of course! Capri Crescio & Maria Elena Armenta made my stay. The 5 incredible days I was grateful to enjoy and experience as well as Pool Manager, Guillermo Vidart, with team Maria and Gene.

The Fi’lia Restaurant Manager, Joshua Rodriquez and my great server Catherine!

Robert Poss, a THICKKMEDIA photographer, who helped me with these incredible shots, and who I met during the retreat, was our photographer who captured the exquisite designs I modeled in the beautiful Baccio Couture swimsuit and coverup.

Looks like you had an incredible time, what were some of the best features about staying at the SLS Brickell?

There is nothing like the pool experience at the SLS Hotels. The SLS Brickell was no exception!

One of the best aspects throughout my luxurious stay at the SLS Brickell Hotel was their friendly, supportive and genuine hospitality.

Capri Crescio & Maria Elena Armenta coordinate such a wonderful hotel experience, I truly feel they went above and beyond to ensure my stay was completely comfortable. They were so gracious with my poolside photoshoot for Fashion magazine NYC, they offered us their best private poolside cabana.

Not to be missed on any of my future stays at this incredible facility is the fruit drinks, the pineapple juice was so fresh and delicious! True Miami style!

One of the most adorable and fun features about the SLS and the pool area specifically, is that they have a Iconic giant colorful duck placed on the pool deck; it was so unique I had to take some photos with it!

In your opinion was is the best part about collaborating with brands and other individuals?

There are so many great things when collaborating with brands, my favorite would be being able to connect, interact and meet them in person. I feel that working with a brand is not just about wearing a designer’s clothes , eating at a nice restaurant, or staying a luxurious hotel, it is about being about to connect with them on a personal level, immerse yourself and really get to know what their brand is about. Being able to work with local designers, hotels and restaurants to help promote their brand is something I am also passionate about, which is why I loved collaborating with the SLS Brickell and Baccio Couture during my trip to Miami. Baccio Couture (Fausto Altamirano) is locally based designer in Miami, he is an incredible individual and extremely talented; his swimsuit and cover up are so stunning, his garments are extremely comfortable and his attention to detail on all his designs are top tier. Another company I worked with on this trip is Originally Crafted Events. The founder and owner, Valerie Bruno was so great helping me coordinate and plan aspects of my trip to create an overall amazing experience.


For Booking information, EPK and Sponsorships you can reach Susana Damouni’s on IG @Susana.dxoxo

Retreat: its my "Awaken your Light" Retreat officially


For Booking information, EPK and Sponsorships you can reach Susana Damouni’s on IG @Susana.dxoxo

Retreat: its my "Awaken your Light" Retreat officially


For Booking information, EPK and Sponsorships you can reach Susana Damouni’s on IG @Susana.dxoxo

Retreat: its my "Awaken your Light" Retreat officially


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