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ROBERTO PISTILLO Italian Influencer & Youtuber


Robert Pistillo has visibility of work in fashion, is succeeding in his intent. The 22-year-old Pugliere, today is a video influencer for YouTube, has launched his own clothing brand and above all communicates elegance to his 100,000 and passes followers every day. "I think I am a reference in fashion word because I like to be treated in detail and I put the same care in the men and women brands that I have created and that is having success". Robert is not a stylist but he had the ambition and perseverance to design clothing that he likes, relying on a team of professionals. "To make clothes attractive and similar to what I like, I take inspiration from sports in a contemporary way. I don't like the past, I aim for a fiery future and this desire is reflected in the strong colors I use. The customers who contact me on social networks are mainly young, people who want to look good and unique. That's why we customize t-shirts and more. And the thing that makes me most proud is that they are loyal buyers ": In private messages, Robert's followers “ask for advice on how to customize clothing and sometimes even to solve small everyday problems. I feel that they are never trivial requests even if I know that we also need to differentiate the way of approaching the channels. On Instagram they perceive me as a fashion reference, on YouTube they want to be entertained with leisure ". The holiday in Peschici, in the Gargano, last summer is the protagonist of the first videos by Robert Pistillo, "which at this moment in particular serve above all to inform those who are unable to travel and maybe snatch a smile since you are more at home".

ROBERTO PISTILLO INST @robert_pistillo

𝙈𝙔 𝘽𝙍𝘼𝙉𝘿 @shop_for_man_and_woman


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