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REGARDS BOUTIQUE The Beauty of Culture by Amna

The Beauty of Culture by Amna

Regards Boutique offers their collection of bridal couture, weaved in fine craftsmanship and exquisite intricate elements, displaying an enchanting medley of bridal glory sprawled across strikingly hued compositions with each ensemble narrating an emotional story of its own.

I have always admired the ornate details displayed in Indian and Pakistani weddings and in an attempt to honor the beauty in these cultures, it is my pleasure to present these hand-picked embellished dresses and pieces of jewelry, worn by these beautiful models with makeup looks created by me.


DESIGNER : Regards Boutique @regardswholesa

MAKEUP & HAIR : Amna Afsheen @browsbyamna_ / @threading_by_amna

PHOTOGRAPHER : Rob Champion @rcnycvisuals

MODELS : Rebecca Ecarlate @rebeccaecarlate

Katie Reynolds @katieisagypsy

Amani Yassine @amani.dream

Nadia Naline Neubert @nadianeubert_model

Megha Rouniya @megharouniyar

DIRECTOR : Prof. Mudassar Minhas @prof_mudassar_minhas

ASSISTANT : Samitha Dahanayaka @browsbysamitha


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