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RANIA PUGHOM - Meet the girl who always fought hard for her dreams


I am a girl who always fought hard for my dreams and my life has not been easy, but I am proud of each step I have taken and each dream that I have made come true.

For me modelling started at the age of 16 and I wasn’t serious about it to begin with. I did it on and off to make extra cash as a teenager, but as a few years passed I started to love it. It was a dream job for me as I loved getting dressed up, having make-up and hair done. This is when I decided to pursue a career in the fashion industry, and although I faced a lot of “No, you are perfect, but not tall enough!”, it never stopped me or made me give up. I am 173 cm tall and back then they only wanted models for shoots that were 175cm or taller.

Success wasn’t always easy, have I failed like everyone else, and have had my share of doubts about “what if?”. During large parts of my early career, I was surround it by a lot of negative people who told me that I couldn’t do it, that I would never make it, but the more they told me that I couldn’t, the more determined I became, and ironically, they gave me the power to fight harder to get where and what I really wanted.

Pursuing my dreams, I ended up doing many high fashion shoots with big brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Loreal, Furne Armato, etc. which have been published in leading fashion magazines. So far, I have been on more than 20 international magazine covers, done a number

of big fashion shows around the world, such as Fashion Forward, the Bridal Show, Fashion Week Cannes and Fashion Week Dubai, to mentioned a few. Additionally I, have had the opportunity to attend numerous red carpet events.

What can I say, I simply L O V E my job. The travel, the dress up, the fancy events, but most of all, being a people person, I love meeting new people, all around the world, having good smart conversation, learning about different cultures, and interacting with interesting personalities.

In parallel with my modelling career, I have studied Journalism and PR as my other passion is writing. Through my writing I have focussed on supporting women and other models, as I know most of us have faced rejections, been told that we are too fat or just not good enough. My favourite topics include health & fitness and women empowerment, but I have also written articles about the local/national dress back when I lived in Dubai for number of years.

Moving to London was challenging both personally and professionally. Leaving Dubai, after it had been my home for so many years was not easy. That said, if you don’t challenge yourself you don’t grow, and “easy” never makes your dreams come true. Today, I am still trying to build my network in the UK, but I have been lucky to meet a few great friends here. is often the way girls react to others success. Jealousy is often prevalent, but frankly it is disappointing.

Last but not least, I have recently turned my interest in writing down a new avenue, I have become a singer/songwriter. The lyrics are about real events in my past, enabling me to write with passion and authenticity, in a style that is rap led mixed with singing. My first song is nearly finished, and it will be OUT SOON…. Stay tuned for updates on its release.”

INTERNATIONAL MODEL : Rania Pugholm @raniapugholm

INTERNATIONAL MODEL : Rania Pugholm @raniapugholm


INTERNATIONAL MODEL : Rania Pugholm @raniapugholm

PHOTOGRAPHER: Mindful Seductions @mindfulseductions

MAKEUP : Rania Pugholm @raniapugholm

HAIR : Pierre Doumit @pierredoumitphc


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