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RANIA PUGHOLM From Paris With Love



FMNYC - What is your greatest weakness, as a model? What are you doing to improve on it?

RANIA - What makes you think I have one? :-) Joking aside, perhaps my greatest weakness is that I always think I can be better. It is the basis of my drive, and while that is positive, it can be tiresome to always drive for improvement.

FMNYC - Did 2020 affect your creativity as a model?

RANIA - 2020 was a really odd year, probably for all of us, but in terms of creativity I actually think it sparked mine. With live events being cancelled there has been much more focus on online content creation, finding new ways to stay relevant. I am creative by nature and the extra down time has for me been translated into learning a new language (Spanish) and reigniting my passion for painting.

FMNYC - What is a “new normal world” post-pandemic?

RANIA - The pandemic has taught most professions that what you used to do through travel and face to face meetings can be done online - the fashion industry is perhaps yet to follow this trend, and a new normal could perhaps be one where fashion shows are not attended in person, but rather through eg virtual reality type broadcasting. Shopping has also change permanently, online shopping will not be put back in the box as I see it.

FMNYC- What are you looking forward to in 2021and 2022?

RANIA - Frankly I am looking forward to the world opening. While I have managed to travel quite a bit during the pandemic I am looking very much forward to unrestricted travel.

FMNYC - When you’re not working, how do you like to spend free time?

RANIA - I like to spend time with friends and family - I am a social person and love to have life around me. Beside this painting and pole fitness are my big hobbies.

FMNYC - Favorite photographers?

RANIA - I have worked with many talented photographers, but some of my current favorites are:

FMNYC - What is your personal style?

RANIA - Elegant yet sexy ;-)

FMNYC - What is your favorite part of the modeling industry?

RANIA - I love the runway - the events around it, and photoshoots.

FMNYC - What is your dream campaign and why?

RANIA - My dream campaign would be anything Victoria Secrets. I love their shows, the elegant sexy glamour, and at times over the top outfits.

FMNYC - What are your goals as a model?

RANIA - I want to have as many different experiences as possible - that is what you can take with you. Over time I would like to turn my modelling career into running my own business within the industry


MODEL : Rania Pugholme @raniapugholm

PHOTOGRAPHER : Cristina Matgras


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