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MORGANA CARLOS Miss Brazil Earth 2023 counts down to the Miss Earth in Vietnam

The multifaceted Miss Brasil Earth 2023 Morgana Carlos is in the final stretch of her preparation to embark for Vietnam where she will seek to snatch the world crown that will give her the title of “MISS EARTH”. At this moment, the beauty returned to Ceará, her homeland, to make final preparations. this trip that could definitely change your life. After a successful career as a dentist in the state of Ceará, Morgana joined the miss world determined to win. So she had no doubts about what she needed to give up to leave his beloved Icó to live in São Paulo, where she can count on all the infrastructure preparation of the Terra Competition, which has businessman Marcelo Riformato as CEO and executive director to Miss Brazil 1990 Flávia Cavalcante. The Terra franchise has as its flag the socio-environmental causes. The candidates for the Miss Brasil Terra title have the mission be engaged in environmental projects and social causes. Here in this exclusive chat Morgana tells a little about her preparation to compete the “Earth” world title in Vietnam.

FMNYC - Morgana, how was the beginning of your artistic career and your entry into Miss World?

MORGANA - I started modeling in 2016 when I was discovered by a missologist in college, the same asked me to compete for Miss Municipal, from that day onwards I still fell in love more for Mundo Miss. It is not an easy task to reconcile my profession with a career in Miss World, but when you really love what you do, everything falls into place!

FMNYC - You have been working as a model and influencer in São Paulo while you are not leaving for Asia in search of the world title, what assessment do you make of these months living in the biggest Brazilian capital?

MORGANA - Living in São Paulo has always been a great desire of mine, because I know the potential the city has has and everything it can provide for those who are open and determined to live new experiences. I learned and evolved a lot during this period, I met new people and with that I worked hard, so I'm very grateful!

FMNYC - You will take Brazilian brands in your Miss Brazil suitcase, to the catwalks of Vietnam, However, there is a rule in the competition that looks need to have a sustainable footprint Can you tell me how it works?

MORGANA - Yes, in addition to brands, I will carry several Brazilian brands, including brands from Ceará. Brands that have social and sustainable work in their productions, that is, they will not be just clothes, they will be looks with an intelligent and sustainable consumption mindset, going to in favor of the most important cause for me today, which is caring for the environment.

FMNYC - You take daily English classes so you can look good during the competition interview Finally, tell me how is your progress in the language?

MORGANA - It's been a long but super fruitful process, I'm very happy with my progress, With these daily classes I will be able to do well in the interview.

FMNYC - How do you deal with fear, blockage, insecurity?

MORGANA - I have my faith and my spirituality very present in my life. I believe very much in the law of attraction too, when I have anxiety or insecurity I take a deep breath and bring the happiness inside me, so I can do my best.

FMNYC - What conquers Morgana Carlos?

MORGANA - Simplicity, joy, humility and honesty. Light and uncomplicated people, I love them!

FMNYC - What's your social like for kids?

MORGANA - My social project is called “Flower a Smile”. I always choose municipal schools to carry out the project, in which I give a lecture to children aged 5 to 10 speaking about the importance of good brushing for oral health. I explain which harmful consequences of not taking care of your health and I give oral hygiene instructions, as well I show them the importance of caring for and preserving our environment with care simple aspects of our daily lives. In the end we planted a seedling to have this contact with the earth so that they can value the world in which we live.



Miss Brasil Terra 2023 : Morgana Carlos

Photographer Cover : Alvaro Bravo Jr @alvarobravojunior

Cover Dress : Designer Ivanildo Nunes @ivanildonunesoficial

Short Gold Dress Maísa gouveia @maisagouveiaestilista

Photographer : Milkelison Lavor @1000kelisonlavor_fotografia

Gold Dress

Designer : Geraldo Couto @geraldocoutooficial

Photographer : Anderson Barbosa @andersonbarbosafotografia

Communication Advisory : MÁRCIA DORNELLES COMUNICAÇÃO @marciadornellescomunicacao


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