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Meet The Upcoming New York Designer MEREDITH GILL

Welcome to Meredith Gill Designs, an award winning couture designer based on Long Island, NY! Her designs show intricate details of lace and beaded embellishments that create an enchanting yet classy style. Meredith loves to be inspired by nature, taking the little details of butterfly wings and flower petals and making them the main focal point.

Our head designer, Meredith, creates custom bridal gowns as well as formal gowns that are whimsically unique while keeping up with the trends of the ever changing industry. MGD Bridal is a new chapter to the brand, where she is creating signature pieces and is currently in the design process. Stay tuned!


Meredith Gill is an American fashion designer and a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, where she specialized in Eveningwear and Bridal Design.

Based out of Long Island, NY, Meredith grew up knowing her passion for design, pushing her to open her first brand name collection in 2017. Her pieces have been shown in several fashion shows over the years as well as published in domestic and international publications.

Meredith's design aesthetic is whimsical yet classic, beautifully dancing on the line of modern but uniquely enchanting.

In September 2021, she opened her first location in Center Moriches, NY where she will be designing and growing her beautiful business.


Yoana Land, Harvard Grad working in Finance, finds the time in the weekend to model and walk the runaway


my name is Ann Meshcheri and I am a New York - based designer of 100% handmade flowers. On this page I would like to tell you a story how and why I traded my white collar job for something way more interesting.

I was born in the Soviet Union where due to chronic shortages of consumer goods people didn’t throw away things; instead, from the very young age everyone learned how to create something new and shiny with old stuff you would normally get rid of these days. That is why I have been recycling and upcycling for as long as I can remember.

When I was little my grandmother taught me how to create stuffed animals with old clothes, and how to crochet scarves by unraveling old sweaters. When I grew older and was attending my after school classes of silk flowers design, I didn’t think twice about choosing old clothes and textile leftovers as my first-choice materials to create my flowers with. Back then I realized that my flowers were coming out very unique and much more meaningful then the ones designed with the materials purchased at the store. First of all, I loved the fact that I gave old clothes second chance of life. And second of all, today when I look at the flowers I created more then 15 years ago, I see roses designed with my mother's old favorite dress, I see dahlias designed with my very first maxi skirt I grew out of… I don't see just flowers, I also see great memories I can be reminded of in such a beautiful way.......... MORE ABOUT ANN MESHCHERI HERE


DESIGNER : Meredith Gill Designs @meredithgilldesigns MODEL : Yoana Land @yoanaland

STYLIST ACCESSORY : Ann Meshcheri @ann.meshcheri

MAKEUP: Sari Molina 🇯🇵 @sarimolina_makeup


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