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Meet The Multi Talented KASHIKA KAPOOR


Kashika Kapoor enthralls audiences and the industry of modelling and acting as a whole with her talents.

"When you work with a determined mind and soul, everything and anything can be achievable in life," says the mesmerizing beauty.

With her hard work and brilliant attitude & expressions in zakham Kashika wins our hearts in the industry.

Kashika KAPOOR is seen portraying her different emotions in this music video. From laughing to crying to talking with her eyes she’s already created a huge space in our hearts through her brilliant acting. An actor is someone who lives the character & she’s done it. A girl who’s so so confident & so so beautiful & talented! She’s gonna go a long way.

Of all the things that have attracted the attention of people, the emergence of new talents is something that has made the most headlines and rightfully so for the kind of momentum they have been able to achieve in a very short period of time. This proves how driven these individuals are and how with their strong self-belief, they have been able to ace any game in their career. The world loves Bollywood and everyone wants to be a part of the same. However, one cannot deny that becoming an actor is not an easy task and it may test a person's patience to the extremities. But, some people are so passionate that they believe in not losing the focus and working consistently to get nearer their goals and visions in life. Kashika Kapoor today stands as one of the best examples of one such young talent, who at only 19 years of age, has made her unique niche. If this is not inspiring, then what is?

KASHIKA KAPOOR @kashikakapoor09

Who is Kashika Kapoor? Well, this enhancing beauty is a multi-talented girl from Mumbai, who as a kid played excellently well in various sports and even represented our country in national level throwball, basketball tournaments and swimming and running competitions. Growing up watching the ever-so-famous Bollywood movies and taking inspiration from the greats of the industry, Kashika Kapoor was drawn towards the same and the acting bug bit her. Since she knew that to become a prominent name in the industry, individuals have to prepare themselves from the very beginning and work around their craft, Kashika Kapoor started with learning singing, Kathak dance and martial arts.

The young talent very early understood that the modelling and entertainment space was where she wanted to be


1. The entertainment space is one place that has always warmly welcomed all those who have exuded a different level of madness and passion for their craft. & all those who are extremely talented. Kashika Kapoor is all about this and much more. KASHIKA KAPOOR kills it with her versatile performance in the song “zakham” under the T - SERIES banner. There are so so many emotions of hers that are shown here & her eyes seem to talk alot ,does Bollywood finally get a girl who can act? Throughout the song she’s been decently dressed & her facial expressions have done all of the talking for her. This a true actor. An actor who can act truly & can be loyal & committed to her character. She’s come with two known faces but still performed the best out of the rest. Her acting is so appealing to the eye. She’s just given her best performance & we can’t wait to see more of Kashika. A girl from a non - filmy background but already creating history at such a young age. There’s so much more to come for this young talent.


Ask KASHIKA KAPOOR why did she choose the world of acting, and she is quick in replying, saying, "Well, I found a creative soul in me ever since I was a kid. Though I was great at various sports in school, I also drew a great inclination towards dance and singing and learnt both. As my interest grew for the arts, I also saw how I loved acting and I guess that's where it all started." She’s proved it with her BRILLIANT PERFORMANCE in the song “zakham”. After becoming the face of the international video game FREEFIRE ,KASHIKA proves it yet again with her mind blowing versatile performance in “zakham”. She looks more gorgeous than ever & her expressions Have taken over our hearts. This girl is just so so confident. She’s only 19 & she’s coming with such elderly guys but still overshadowed them completely. This girl has just stunned us with her brilliant performance. An actor who is completely versatile & who can get into any & every character very easily. This girl is gonna conquer the world.


What's amazing about this incredible beauty is that she is only a 19-year-old girl from Mumbai who grew up with big eyes in her dreams. Little did she know as a kid that life would actually present her with opportunities that would let her fly and achieve sky-high success while still being a teenager as a model and actor. And today here she is ,trending all over & being loved by all her fans & the audience due to her mind- blowing performance in “zakham”. She’s shown her sad emotion, happy emotion, upset emotion & all of it. Not once did I feel she’s KASHIKA I felt like I’m seeing the character. I felt I’m seeing an actor. Here she is= KASHIKA KAPOOR. A girl who’s won our hearts through her hardwork & her performance proves it all. A girl who’s eyes talk for her ,during the engagement scene the only thing that we could look at were kashika’s eyes alone! They spoke so much, said so much. In just a music video, so imagine what a star like her could do in a movie?

KASHIKA KAPOOR @kashikakapoor09


KASHIKA KAPOOR has been seen in the recent music video of T series “Zakham”. She’s put forward a brilliant start to her career. Her performance in this song has been extremely versatile. She seems to get into any character extremely easily. A girl who’s chased her dreams until it chased her. Here she is! The one we’ve waited for. A young talent who’s from a non filmy background. A girl who worked day & night to be here & here she is today. Zakham has created the path for her. Bollywood is gonna rise because of her! She’s such a brilliant actor. From her happy scenes to her sad scenes for a minute also it didn’t feel like a forced performance, it felt real, it felt natural, it felt like the character. It felt her. KASHIKA portrayed a character in those 4 minutes, a real character. She played w her emotions so well & it’s all shown here. Her acting has stunned us all. We can’t wait to see more of her! Congratulations KASHIKA KAPOOR! You’ve proved it yet again.

As a young beauty, her talents were spotted by many prominent designers in the modelling world; the proof is her modelling projects with Arpita Mehta, for whom she did a digital shoot and also did White Maison de Couture's Jewellery & Design collection for Seema Gujral, and worked for Shyamal and Bhumika's collection. Her acting talent caught the attention of many when recently she did a Vedix ad, India's Only Customized Modern Ayurvedic Hair Care Regimen, as the main lead. Even in the Balaji ad, she rocked the screen as the 'superhot girl'

KASHIKA KAPOOR @kashikakapoor09

Photographer Ehtasham Saeed @ehtasham_saeed


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