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Meet the Model & Singer ALEJANDRO ESCUDERO

Updated: Sep 2, 2021




FMNYC - What is your greatest weakness, as a model? What are you doing to improve on it?

ALEJ - I believe that all models are afraid of the catwalk before getting on it. However, fear of the stage helps you to improve as you go on various stages. In the average that I take experience, I consider that it allows me to develop and have more confidence in my work as a model.

FMNYC - Why did you choose to be a singer?

ALRJ - I have always been passionate about music and the different fields and branches that emerge from it. Since I was a child I always had the dream of being a singer and that is why music has given me everything in my life; from knowing different scenarios in many countries to meeting the mother of my son.

FMNYC - What is your best achievement in your career?

ALEJ - Music has given me the opportunity to have several presentations around the world, on stage such as: Madison Square Garden in New York, the National Auditorium in Mexico, Luna Park stadium in Argentina and the Viña del Mar festival in Chile. This has led me to meet a lot of people and win the love of the fans, which is very nice and rewarding.

FMNYC - Tell us a little about yourself

ALEJ - Alejandro Escudero can be defined as a simple, honest, hard-working and dreamy person. That is what I will always want to convey to my followers and fans in the two worlds of modeling and music.

FMNYC - Who are your biggest influences?

ALEJ - My biggest influences are God and my family.

FMNYC - How did singer, and modeling change your life?

ALEJ - The two careers have changed my life completely. Music has been in my heart since I was a child and modeling is a very important experience because what it does is sell your image. I consider that the two careers are complementary and can open doors and opportunities.

FMNYC - What are your best projects to date?

ALEJ - I am a person who considers that the 2 careers can be combined because they are two arts that complement each other. New singles of this popular and regional genre are coming soon. And I hope that the world of modeling will open doors to work with various brands and agencies.

FMNYC - You are also a singer and model can you share us some of your experience

ALEJ - I have had the opportunity to appear on the screens in Times Square first as a singer and later as a model. The arrival at Fashion Week was through a casting via zoom with some representatives of Flying Solo NY. I am very proud to have modeled for designers; Morphine, Blessing, Rusty Reconstructed, Hiromi, Nazarene, Samun lim, Vesta hoods, to whom I thank you for the opportunity and trust. It was a shocking experience to debut as a model in a Flying Solo Runway and at the same time a great personal satisfaction to obtain such an achievement. I am grateful to all the media and to God for the different publications that I have obtained throughout my musical career and in modeling.

FMNYC - What is your dream project and why?

ALEJ - To be successful in both my careers and for people to appreciate me as a person.

FMNYC - Is there anything about singing or modeling that you don’t like?

ALEJ - I love both races. However, they will always see obstacles that must be overcome in the best way.

FMNYC - Can you tell us a bit about your next project?

ALEJ - In my plans for 2021 it is to release new singles and have the possibility of working for various brands in modeling.

FMNYC - What’s something we should know about you that might surprise us?

R/ Alejandro Escudero always shows himself as he is, I would like to surprise you in the musical field by my power of voice and in modeling, doing successful campaigns for big brands.




PHOTOGRAPHER : Suzanne Kelly Polito @redbird.photographync

GENERAL MANEGER : Santiago Escudero @santyescudero14

MODEL AGENCY : Stone Model Management @stonemgmt


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