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Meet The Model NELE BRAND The Coolest Girl In Germany


Nele Brand was born on April 25th, 2006 in Berlin Spandau. There she also goes to school and is aiming for the Abitur in order to study afterwards. However, she still doesn't really know in which direction the course should go. Environmental protection and health care may then be in the foreground. As a young girl she rode a lot. Unfortunately, due to the school, this is no longer possible at the moment, as it takes a lot of time. She is passionate about cycling with her father, she has already mastered major tours through Germany and Italy. She is currently discovering her own style and learning to model. Nele Brand Schmidt-

MEET Maik Rietentidt 40 years from Germany 7 years for Chanel as a make-up artist. Photographer for 16 years


MODEL: Nele Brand

PHOTOGRAPHER : Maik Rietentidt @maikrietentid

MAKEUP : Silvia Gugino @silviagugino

HAIR : Salon Kerstin Nickel from Berlin @salonkerstinnickel

HAIR : Andreas Tschermack

The Dresses are from

Black Jacket from Elias Rumelis. -

Earrings from Chanel

Ice Nele: Hair Andreas tschermack, Dress:- The Dress is from MATRONS, and the Crown from PowderedandWaisted in Nottingham UK.

New York Nele: the dress ist from pia Bolte and the glove pia Bolte. the sun glasses from DIOR.

Shirt Nele: Dress from Cotton Candy.


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