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Meet The Model MEG TAYLOR Exclusive Interview

Updated: Aug 7, 2021



AGE: 24

Where are you from?

Studio City, CA

Besides modeling, what do you do?

I am a journalist for The Hollywood Times and am also in school full-time at Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA.

Favorite Things?

My happiest place in the world is the beach. Whether it's laying on the beach soaking up the sun or body surfing in the ocean, the beach is the only place I feel centered and can truly decompress.

My favorite thing to do is spend time with my family. To me, family is above everything else and are the people who truly shape you into who you are. They are your team who encourage you along your journey, pick you up at your lowest moments, and are there to celebrate all your successes. Life's most amazing moments do not matter if you don't have people to share them with.

FMN - What is your greatest weakness, as a model?

What are you doing to improve on it?

MEG - The modeling industry is a very competitive world where you are being based solely on your appearance (and of course your runway walk). Something I learned over the years was that you have to have thick skin and know that every single designer has a different vision for their showcases and a different version of what is "beautiful." You may be the perfect fit for one designer and be the polar opposite of what another designer wants. Everything is objective and you cannot let it make you second guess yourself. Remember that you can admire someone else's beauty without questioning your own. Confidence is essential in this industry and it shows the moment you walk into a room. Of course every model has moments of insecurity, but surrounding yourself with a support system of strong women who understand what you're going through and continuously lift you up is essential.

FMN - Did 2020 affect your creativity as a model?

MEG - I think 2020 showed the world that we are not always guaranteed security in this industry. With plans of returning to Miami Swim Week, New York Fashion Week, and Paris Fashion Week, I was saddened when the pandemic hit and having any form of a fashion show was immediately out of the question. I think this past year forced me to become more creative as a model and allowed me to explore my career as an influencer. I had to think of new ways to shoot content and become more intentional with my brand deals because I only want to output content that reflects myself and my lifestyle.

FMN - What does a “new normal world” look like post-pandemic?

MEG - It's wild to even think about a post-pandemic world, but I am incredibly optimistic! If anything, I feel like fashion week will most likely have a new streaming component for people to stream runways shows live. Additionally, I think venues will have limited or decreased capacity, so fashion week will become even more exclusive to attend. In terms of sanitation, I think venues will also be sanitized continuously throughout the shows and backstage. A lot of this responsibility will be left to makeup artists since they are using countless makeup products on hundreds of girls during shows.

FMN - What are you looking forward to in 2021?

MEG - I'm looking forward to hopefully walking in LAFW at the end of 2021; Of course, this is reliant on Covid restrictions easing up and cases in California continuing to decline. I also am looking forward to my last year in college.

FMN - Which designers would you like to work and why?

MEG - Dream designers to walk for include Chanel, Versace and Ralph Lauren. These runway shows are known for their extravagant productions which are only topped by the stunning collections worn down their runways.

FMN - Favorite photographers?

MEG - My favorite photographers are Mario Testino, Mert Alas, Lara Jade, and Damon Baker.

FMN - What is your personal style?

MEG - My personal style is a combination of bohemian meets chic meets glamour.

FMN - What is your favorite part of the modeling industry?

MEG - My favorite part of the modeling industry is working closely with designers to bring their vision to life. I honestly felt like a chameleon during NYFW because of the vast range of looks I wore down the runway. I have developed such a huge appreciation for designers and the amount of work, dedication, and passion they pour into their work. Each collection tells a different story and I love being a part of the storytelling.

FMN - What is your dream campaign and why?

MEG - My dream campaign would undoubtedly be with Louis Vuitton. The brand itself is the model of elegance and luxury, but their fashion campaigns are even more grand and innovative.

FMN - What are your goals as a model?

MEG - As far as my goals as a model, I am lucky enough to say I have accomplished many of my own personal goals (e.g. getting published in Vogue China, Elle Ukraine, Cosmopolitan Ukraine, and Harper's Bazaar Chile and Ukraine.) I think moving forward, I would love to also be published in the US editions of those publications. I really just want to work on beauty campaigns that celebrate the beauty of diversity, not only in the industry but around the world.





POTOGRPHER : Tawny Horton Instagram

John King Instagran

COVER PHOTO : AC RUIZ Tony Ruiz Instagram


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