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Meet The Model and Influencer RAHAN


Meet Rahan from @RahansRhythm. Rahan is a Middle Eastern Muslim Hijabi Model and Fashion Influencer based in Los Angeles, California. She was raised in Southern California and has been involved in modeling, weightlifting, exotic cars and more.

She is currently obtaining her Bachelors in Pre-Law and hoping to obtain a degree in Islamic studies after. Aside from being a full-time model and influencer, Rahan works in the professional legal field, and is actively participating in real estate. Rahan is a well known Muslim figure on TikTok with over 370K followers and Instagram with over 155K followers, representing all Muslims, especially hijabi women. She represents modest fashion and aims to help those who struggle with modesty and hijab, just as she has. It has been about six months since she has officially put on her hijab and she has brought her audience of over five years with her along this incredible, difficult and rewarding journey. Rahan wants to show the diversity and beauty of modest fashion. She is aiming to be the hijabi Muslim representation in the media and modeling field that it lacks, in order to have Muslims worldwide feel that they are included and being represented. As she says, “I am blessed with my platform and could not have had the strength to go through this journey without the support of my followers, my family, and God.”





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