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Meet SASHA G Model, Influencer & Actress

A rising star on multiple social media platforms, SASHA G brings international flavor, cosmopolitan style and a girl-next-door smile to the brands she promotes.

With over 4 million total views, she delivers a large — and rapidly growing — audience. SASHA G was born in India and grew up in Naples, Florida. As an Influencer, she has received notice from social media celebrities and appeared in upscale magazines such as Island Scene on Sanibel & Captiva and many more. Whether promoting beauty products, high fashion or luxury automobiles, SASHA G has a “wow factor” her fans can’t resist.

Make sure to check her platform: IG @mysashaofficial

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MODEL & INFLUENCER : SASHA G @mysashaofficial

MODEL & INFLUENCER : SASHA G @mysashaofficial

MODEL & INFLUENCER : SASHA G @mysashaofficial


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