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Meet JESSICA ESCOBAR Fashion Designer & Model



FMNYC - What is your greatest weakness, as a model? What are you doing to improve on it? JESSICA ESCOBAR - I haven't found a weakness yet, because I don't let anything affect me! I have an unshakable faith that makes my fears disappear.

FMNYC - Did 2020 affect your creativity as a model?

JESSICA ESCOBAR - No, because the 2020 was a year of reflection, patience and knowing how to make the right decisions, despite difficult times.

FMNYC - What is a “new normal world” post-pandemic?

JESSICA ESCOBAR - A world full of hopes, illusions, wisdom!!! In the Bible it says that after the storm comes calm.

FMNYC - What are you looking forward to in 2021and 2022?

JESSICA ESCOBAR - I hope to continue with my collections of my ''Jessica Escobar Designer' brand and I hope to open other doors of opportunities for me and my family, and to be able to help everyone who needs it

FMNYC - When you’re not working, how do you like to spend free time?

JESSICA ESCOBAR -I love taking care of my body, my health, I love going to the gym, practicing CrossFit, listening to music, watching movies with my family, I like to travel a lot! FMNYC - Favorite photographers?


FMNYC - What is your personal style?

JESSICA ESCOBAR - I love the American style, wide pants, sneakers! FMNYC - What is your favorite part of the modelling industry?

JESSICA ESCOBAR - being in big events, being recognized by other people, winning gifts, trips, feeling sure of myself

FMNYC - What is your dream campaign and why?

JESSICA ESCOBAR - Skims by kimkardashian! Since I was a child I have always admired this woman, she is a businesswoman, a mother, a wife, I have to much admiration for her FMNYC - What are your goals as a model?

JESSICA ESCOBAR - I want to be recognized internationally, and be an example of a woman for other women who are just starting out in the modeling industry.

My name is Jessica Escobar, model and fashion designer, I am 26 years old! I am fun, a perfectionist, I like challenges, I love discovering new things



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