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Meet Brazilian fitness curves model LUCENE DUARTE

Meet Brazilian fitness model Lucene Duarte

Brazilian model Lucene Duarte (Lu Duarte), 42, is a fitness curves model and the cover of

Playboy Portugal. She has been successful in Europe with her curves, and was the empress of

the samba school drums in the last Carnival of 2020, debuting for the first time at Avenida do

Samba for Acadêmicos do Tatuapé, a samba school from São Paulo. Lu Duarte was also the

winner of Miss Bumbum World 2020, a contest that chooses the most beautiful butt on the

planet. Featuring a non-standard body, Lu manages to be featured on social networks and

major media in the world.

The beauty has a 117 cm butt and has a very thin waist. The silhouette in the best guitar style

earned her the nickname “Real Barbie”. “My biggest dream is to be able to go to the store and

buy a doll with normal measurements. This is the real body”, she defends.

Lu Duarte became an influencer exhibiting the Lifestyle routine, shopping for designer clothes,

shoes and bags and international travel to different parts of the world in first class. She has a

son, 19-year-old Leonardo Hathaway, who supports his mother's career.


MODEL: Lucene Duarte @luceneduarte

MAKEUP : Romana Pavaneli @romanapavanelimua

HAIR : Perucaria Brazil @perucariabrazil

PHOTOGRAPHER : Fabrini Zanoni @zanonifabrini

PRESS OFFICE : Marcio Demari @marciodemari

ADVISORY AGENCY : Cacau Oliver @cacauoliver


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