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MARIANA COUTINHO Renaissance Woman Model, Realtor, Lawyer

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Born in Cavalcante , Goias in the Midwest of Brazil, Mariana Coutinho knew from the age of 10 that she wanted to be a lawyer. "I am one of those annoying people who was lucky enough to know from a really young age.” She reminisces falling in love with investigating a problem, situation or why something happened, whether it was to do with her family, friends or others. "In a way it made it quite simple because I had that focus."

Working hard throughout law school, Mariana graduated amongst the top of her classmates from Faculdade Padrão. After passing the state bar exam, she pursued her passion of helping others, and focused on labor disputes. “I have always found myself to be extremely competitive and focused on doing the right thing! This philosophy and passion are rooted in my everyday life,” says Mariana.

Coutinho loves a challenge. Blessed with curly hair, piercing dark eyes and a fearless attitude, the 30-year-old with a successful law practice, dropped everything and set her sights on New York City. She has made this city her home and not looked back. Mariana has reinvented herself as a model, influencer and realtor.

Coutinho recalls using those competitive instincts to open doors [literally] in New York City and that “when opportunity knocks, go with it. My first modeling experience was with Nancy Yang . It was January 2017, I was walking around the city and entered her retail shop. The owner asked me if I was a model?” Mariana took advantage of “the cue” and said she was, mostly doing photography in Brazil.” Mrs. Nancy asked her to audition for an upcoming advertising campaign that would run on the store’s website. “My first job opportunity as a model in the Big Apple emerged.“

Doing fashion photography came naturally and not speaking English when I first arrived, made the work environment less stressful. Capitalizing on her luck, Mariana took steps to build a business around modeling. She formatted a professional book, created an Instagram account, and made 3,000 business cards to hand out while walking around the city. It generated immediate results. Leveraging the photo shoots and all the sightseeing she was doing, Mariana was able to create a following around here. “Most of my Instagram followers are from Brazil, but I love this. I get to show my people who I am, my struggles, my life. I really enjoy the interaction and hopefully I inspire folks to take a risk on themselves.”

Not afraid of the weight that some of her decisions carry, Coutinho has continually transformed herself, gradually cementing her talents. Her latest adventure has found her working closely with people again; this time as a real estate agent in New Jersey and soon to be New York. “During Covid in 2020 I found myself with time on my hands. Wanting to continue to educate myself and improve my English, and after speaking with friends, I decided to take a real estate course over the summer. In November of 2020, I passed my exam and in January 2021 I received my license. Shortly after, I joined Signature Realty, in New Jersey! “

Reflecting on the last 4 years, Mariana has learned a new language, become an avid investor in stocks, opened the door for a modeling career, pursuing her passion for real estate and just.

Reflecting on the last 4 years, Mariana has learned a new language, become an avid investor in stocks, opened the door for a modeling career, pursuing her passion for real estate and just enjoying life’s pleasures. “We should all pursue new opportunities and become the best version of ourselves through that process. That is what I have been doing, and it is what I will continue to do throughout my life. I’m just getting started”, says Coutinho.

She is a true renaissance woman.


MODEL : Mariana Coutinho

PHOTOGRAPHER : Jessielyn Palumbo




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