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Mar Amici Mother's Day Campaign

After years of working in the fashion industry, childhood friends Mariana and Ashley knew it needed a change. Whether it was through their marketing meetings or photoshoots, they knew inclusivity was lacking, and so Mar Amici was born.

Mar Amici was founded by Mariana and Ashley with the hopes of creating a more inclusive shopping experience. They believe the shopping experience should be the same for us all and strive to provide a welcoming, safe, and inclusive space in the fashion industry.

For Mother's Day, Mariana and Ashley drew inspiration from the women who inspire them the most - their mothers. "Our mothers have done (and continue to do) so much for us, so we wanted to honor them in our latest campaign," co-founder Mariana says. The campaign features each of their mother's wearing their favorite piece from the collection.

Maria, Mariana's mom, wears the Nala Jumpsuit.

Marcia, Ashley's mom, wears the Lola Top.



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