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MAISA & NATALIA GOUVEIA Glanz Fall Winter Collection

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Dani Vieira poses for the Glanz Fall Winter collection by fashion designers Maisa Gouveia and Natália Gouveia Actress from Brasilia and digital influencer Dani Vieira was the star chosen by stylists Maísa and Natália Gouveia to represent the new collection that they just launched in style throughout Brazil.

Famous for being the most celebrated in the region Maisa and Natália praised the model's performance during the photos: “Dani is very elegant and wears our dresses very well! We were delighted with the fit of the fabrics of the dresses on her body! It was impeccable!” Featured stylist Maisa Gouveia The collection of the two stylists (mother and daughter) brought concepts such as revivalism and minimalism in a much more festive range, full of colors, including earthy orange, shades of pink, royal blue, illuminating yellow, among other colors present in the palette of the parade. With a standing ovation, another characteristic seen in the pieces was romanticism. Details in lace, embroidery, puffed and delicate sleeves, asymmetrical cuts brought a touch of fashionista modernity.

“In this collection, the shine was not left out. We work with fluid and flowing fabrics that add movement and lightness!” Stylist Natalia Gouveia declared

About influencer Dani Vieira

Dani Began her career as a model for the Mega Models agency in Brasília. In 2011, he moved to Rio de Janeiro with a focus on tele dramaturgy. After finishing his specialization, he signed a contract with Rede Globo. In his television career, he was part of the cast “As Aventuras do Didi” and in the series “Loco por Elas”. She was then cast by TV Globo to act in the soap operas “Sangue Bom” by Maria Adelaide Amaral and “Amor a Vida” by the author Walcir Carrasco with successful characters written by the authors and with great repercussion and prominence in the serials. drew attention for her looks, lifestyle, good shape in addition to the requested personality as Queen of the drums and Muse of the Carioca Carnival! “ I am passionate about fashion, I cultivate a healthy lifestyle! I like to share tips on beauty, fashion, topics related to the female universe with my followers, as well as my training routine and sports practices that are part of my lifestyle. I currently represent brands of women's clothing, products/cosmetics! I loved the new collection by Maisa Gouveia and Natália Gouveia! Always a joy to wear your dresses so glamorous and elegant!” Finished the muse who awaits her next work on TV.


DESIGNERS : MAISA E NATALIA GOUVEIA @maisagouveiaestilista

MODEL : DANI VIERIA @danivieiraoficial


HMUA : MOA OLIVER @moa.oliveir



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