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MAISA E NATÁLIA GOUVEIA In Nova Party Collection

We invite the famous and celebrated Brazilian designers Maisa Gouveia & Natália Gouveia, to show first hand here at FASHION MAGAZINE NY, a preview of their new spring summer collection! Television and digital influencers, Déborah Lyra and Jussara Avila, participated in the elaborate fashion editorial conceived by the talented fashion photographer Marcos Vasconcelos, editor of the international Fashion Magazine NYC, a sophisticated and elegant editorial parties Dresses for you who want to be inspired! Check out the clicks of this incredible shooting, clicked directly from the luxurious atelier of the stylists through the lens of Marcos Vasconcelos!

The wonderful tv celerity and digital influencer Débora Lyra in a minimalist Pantone autmn blaze dress made in pure silk satin, luxury and couture sophistication Maisa Gouveia Natalia Gouveia 2023.

This Maisa Gouveia & Natália Gouveia dress, worn by the beautiful television company Jussara Avila, was made in French tulle Blush with appliqués in different gemstones; it is ideal for moments that call for a more polished look, check out the photos of renowned fashion photographer Marcos Vasconcelos For fashion magazine NYC.

Wonderful digital and television influencer Débora Lyra with a luxurious, elegant and original green lime dress Maisa Gouveia & Natália Gouveia made in delicate and valuable renaissance lace, art of the lace makers of the northeastern hinterland.

Wonderful television Jussara Avila in a serenity hot pants dress with floral lace in the black duo with blue and puff sleeves, the Maisa Gouveia & Natália Gouveia dress exudes femininity and modernity.

Contemporary femininity elegance in bubblegum tone, is the hot pants dress worn by the beautiful Jussara Avila, made in guipure lace.



DESIGNERS : Maisa Gouveia & Natália Gouveia @maisagouveiaestilista

MODEL : Débora Lyra Gava @deboramlyra MODEL : Jussara Avila @jussaraavila1

PHOTOGRAPHER : Marcos vasconcelos @marcosvasconcelosnyc

PHOTO ASSISTENT : Marta Zanatta @vasconceloszanatta

PROMOTER : Márcia Dornelles Comunicação @marciadornellescomunicacao

ACESSORIES : Ateliê Emiliane pereira @emilianepereirajoias

MAKEUP & HAIR : Le Touche Salão @letoucheoficial


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