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LAIS RIBEIRO stars in CRISTINA NITOPI SS 2023 Collection



NEW YORK, NY – September 12, 2022 - Designer Cristina Nitopi once again returns to

NYFW to present her latest SS23 collection featuring model, Lais Ribeiro (a Brazilian

model most known for her work as a Victoria Secret Angel), photographed by celebrity

photographer Jason MacDonald.

In her collection, Nitopi noted that she was “Inspired by colors and the power behind

them.” As a true artist, the designer understood that a collection, aside from prestige

renowned tailoring, had the power to also instill genuine connection through the use of


“Colors have various frequencies that can energize us, introduce a sense of calmness, and

just alter our perception of things” Nitopi notes. “As an artist, understanding the psychology

of color allows each piece to establish an emotional connection with everyone - that is why I

wanted to have color be the theme this season. To allow people to connect with my collection,

similar to how I do when I create it.”

By introducing bold, eye catching colors in Yellow, Pink and Turquoise, Nitopi allowed her

guests to connect with an uplifting and optimistic feeling. This is the same feeling found within

the seasons, with Spring evoking a feeling of hope, and Summer instilling Joy. Nitopi then

paired these bright selections with hints of grey and silver; one of the most powerful shades

and a prominent member of the color wheel, ultimately representing hope, and unconditional


But beyond the color, we can not shy away from the expertise and distinctive tailoring found

through every piece of her ready-to-wear line shown this season. Offering crisp tailored

pants and similar silhouette shorts, both meant to hug each curve, and made in brushed

linen. Nitopi then paired them with both romantic and edgier pieces made of silk and lace,

ultimately presenting between calm and chaos – similar to those emotions felt when exiting

winter and entering into a brighter Spring & Summer season.

With textural elements of movement, created through lace draping’s and architectural

design – the cropped lace tops offered a harmonic balance within each look created. From

off shoulder pieces to twist detailing panels, each piece embraced it’s own expression.

The showstopper pieces, however, were found within her quilted tops; offering more of an

abstract presentation, with flirty peek-a-boo inserts throughout for a unique take on cut-

outs. These pieces from the collection, offered a unique and fresh perspective in the use of

structure, taking elements of a couture-level approach that is both luxe and flirty.

With plenty of highlights from this show, it’s clear that it’s never too early to start listing

definitive trends found within NYFW.

We can’t wait to see what the designer will be coming out with next.

Make sure to follow her at:


Cristina Nitopi was born in Sydney, Australia, on March 12, 1982.

Ms Nitopi’s creative energy inspired from her Italian background has been seen in

each collection. The designer uses only high-quality fabrics and presents each

design with style.

Cristina acknowledges her child hood and the joy she felt when her mother made clothes for

her. Her passion and love for one off clothing's led to a career as a fashion designer which later

motivated her to self- study fashion and to launch her own fashion label in 2007, at New York

Fashion Week.

With each collection you can observe the designer's Italian heritage and appreciate the

uniqueness and craftmanship.


DESIGNER : Cristina Nitopi @cristinanitopi

MODEL : Lais Ribeiro @laisribeiro

PHOTOGRAPHER : Jason Mcdonald @j_mcd


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