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LADY MARIAN From Italy with Love


My name is Lady Marian, but everything know me with my IG name @glitterina17, I am Italian and I live in Tuscany ( Italy ), I grew up in this beautiful region.

Since I was a child I have always been passionate about fashion and I have been a model for several years.

I was photographed by professional photographers for various local magazines.

I decided to open an Instagram page because I am very passionate about everything that is fashion and glamour. My favorite color is pink in all its nuances, it reflects me a lot and enhances my natural femininity.

I'm a romantic soul and a natural dreamer, I'm always looking for beauty in everything I do.

Today I am a successful influencer on Instagram and the results are excellent!

I work with the most prestigious brands and my page is followed by over 1 million people, every day they support me with affection and warmth!

I feel very fulfilled and I do this job with passion and professionalism.

My success is due to my very creative personality and my constant commitment to social media, now I do this professionally and the efforts and obstacles of the past have been totally rewarded!

To be successful you have to believe in yourself, be humble, have courage, never lose hope and put passion into what you do!

The phrase that most characterizes me is this:


On Instagram I am @glitterina17 and this name reflects a lot my person and my way of being.

Glitterina comes from the name of my dog, a very sweet white Spitz called Glitter, I love it madly, it's my life, my inspiration… my bijou!

The number 17 on the other hand is my lucky number and it is also the date of birth of my Glitter!

Follow my Instagram page ( @glitterina17 ) and shine with me!

I love to shine

LADY MARIAN @glitterina17

LADY MARIAN @glitterina17

LADY MARIAN @glitterina17

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