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KIAN BARAZANDEH - Luxury Lifestyle influencer, Actor and Fashion Model .


Kian Barazandeh is one of the most sought-after creative and film directors, a high-performing influencer, Super model & Actor who is an expert in taking the art of living to its highest level.

Two years ago, Kian decided to develop his own creative agency based in the heart of the Principality of United Arab Emirates (Dubai). This marked a real turning point in his career. More than an average influencer, Kian Barazandeh quickly realized the empowerment of social media and the importance to play on each media channel.

His exquisite taste for chic and splendor and the very high-quality content of his productions have drawn the attention of iconic houses such as La Réserve, Aston Martin, Ultima Collection, Louis Vuitton, Airbus, Chopard, The Ritz-Carlton… and many others. Kian's main mission is to provide world-leading digital marketing expertise to the most influential luxury brands. Specializing in the creation of tailored content and social media campaigns, he produces and directs artistic audiovisual material to support his clients’ brand image and expand their influence.

Looking around us, we would realize how the world from the past few years is all driven by various online media and the digital world as a whole. The digital wave has fascinated almost all major business industries of the world and this has also given rise to some of the most leading young business personalities and influencers who have taken over the online world with their particular talents, passions, styles and vibes. Topping this list of high-performing and passionate individuals in the high-end luxury niche market is a creative director that most brands and firms are running behind.

His passion for Fashion Modeling and photography has made him come at the forefront of the industry and become one of the most renowned men influencers and Supermodels in Monte Carlo, Milan, Dubai and New York. He has been called ‘Dubai’s Face of Luxury’ by Forbes Middle East and this upped his confidence to initiate his own creative agency. From the past five years has grown his international clientele and taken the industry of luxury to much greater heights, creating his digital channels and showing his prowess in producing spectacular and awe-inspiring promotional pictures and films that not only helps in achieving the goals of the international brands but are also a treat to the eyes of the audiences.

Recently, Kian Barazandeh did a new campaign for Luxury Villa Rental, Villa AMA in Saint-Tropez, in the beautiful district of Pampelonne. The details of which can also be found on Kian Barazandeh Lifestyle Magazine. For now, let’s dive deep into seeing some of the exotic most posts he created for Villa AMA, right from making a grand entry into the same, teasing his followers and audiences with just a sleek arrival of his into the luxurious property, with its private helipad, that gave Kian the opportunity to experience the joys of a very sleek arrival.

Speaking about his exquisite experiences and moments between the sky, sea, and the land, Kian posted stories on Instagram, creating a lot of excitement in people about 10,000 sqm of Private land with its gym that comes with Villa Ama and the impressive artworks that will please every art lover.

With each story that Kian creates, he gives rise to a unique visual universe that is targeted to provide his clients with the maximum desired results and a global reach like never before. Kian Barazandeh helps to bring brands to the next level by offering them the best services in high-end luxury campaigns, shooting, film production, digital and influencer marketing.

One can get connected with him on Instagram @Kian_barazandeh

or his website, to know more.


Model: Kian Barazandeh @Kian_Barazandeh

Female Models: Elizabeth Mayor @Elizabethmayor

Chernova Daria @__chernovadaria__

Photographer: Antalia @Nedabargii

MUA: @Reyhane_riri

Luxury Lifestyle influencer, Actor and Fashion Model


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