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KATRINA CHIOVON High frequency Edition

Updated: Jul 6, 2022


FMNYC - Tell us about your first experience when you were acting as a professional.

KATRINA CHIOVON - My very first experience being on a major film production was on the film "Friends with Benefits" Directed by Will Gluck

with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis filmed in 2010. (Fun fact) it was released on my birthday July 22, 2011. We were filming in Dumbo, Brooklyn. I just remember walking into holding and seeing hundreds of people, and thinking oh my! Like where do I sit, what do I do...that really uncomfortable, nervous feeling of not knowing a single person and doing something you have never done before. I had acted in theater growing up many times and was very outgoing but I grew up in a very small town, I had never seen a film set in person let alone a massive production. They walked us all over to set which was designed to look like an outdoor club, lounge and they placed me about a foot away from Shaun White, Mila and Justin and said ok everyone hold your drinks and casually dance, seemed easy enough as I love to dance, as we did this about a hundred different times and constantly switching up the groups and crowd I was certain I would never see myself on the screen, in fact I never even ran out to watch the movie. I also remember Justin Timberlake and Woody Harrelson walking around the set saying hi to all of us and that was pretty cool especially because now looking back not all big actors are as socially friendly to the background actors. I just remember thinking wow they are so down to earth. Well, funny story: over a year after filming, I'm on the plane with my Grandmother flying to Europe and guess what film was playing? I joked and said hey I remember filming that so of course she decided to watch it. Next thing I know she is screaming, she sees me "that's my Granddaughter!" several times and tells all the flight attendants to look! Of course I was embarrassed but also super excited! Little did I know at that moment, that was going to be the beginning of a life long career. The fact I can remember every single detail about this day just confirms how special it was to me.

FMNYC - What is your dream project and why?

KATRINA CHIOVON -My dream project is to be casted in a major Action, Adventure Film similar to a female James Bond role, Salt, Tomb Raider, Ghost in the Shell, Ava, The 355.

I have always been passionate about this genre and I am constantly training in the craft of fight acting, martial arts, weaponry, bo staff and more in the ability to do most of my own stunts. I love pushing myself! Growing up my step Dad always played Bruce Lee movies and taught me nunchucks when I was a kid, I even had a weapon collection and on top of my million dance classes I also took gymnastics and karate. So as an adult it only feels natural. I also really connect with Historical Dramas, and Sci-fi futuristic films as I love history and the unknown. I love working on voice overs as it really allows you to really play with deep character work. Villains are definitely the most exciting to work on. I would love to work on a major animation doing voice overs and of course to join the Marvel team would be a dream come true!

I love complicated- multi dimensional characters, strong, independent leading female roles, feminine yet mysterious. I love important stories and films based on true events.

I hope to work with Directors like Terrence Malick, Christopher Nolan, Cary Joji Fukunaga, Philip Noyce, Rupert Sanders, Tate Taylor, Simon Kinberg, Guy Ritchie and Kathryn Bigelow to name a few.

FMNYC - Next project??

KATRINA CHIOVON - I really can't say too much so just be sure to follow my career to see what next! I am working on several films at this time. I usually share my updates on my social media platforms like Instagram and some videos on youtube. FOLLOW me on my social media platforms to stay up to date!

Katrina Chiovon is an actress and producer, known for Violette (2020), Unsafe Heist (2020) and Carnage (2020).



Katrina Chiovon has recently won best actress for the film, “Margaret” in the international Cult film festival! Where She Created, Wrote & Starred in the film along with a narrative voiceover and is based on a true story. Although the film is currently a short film she is working on the full feature to be released by next year.

Chiovon has several film projects on the on the way! And is keeping extremely busy! She has been casted as the lead in a new film “Letters” which begins filming in late July of this year.

Chiovon has just landed her second cover for 2022 and can be seen on the cover of Fashion Magazine July 2022. With the feature titled “High Frequency” Edition! Things are certainly heating up for Katrina and we look forward to seeing more this year!

Katrina Chiovon won Astoria Film Festival 2020

For “Violette” which She starred in.

Be sure to follow her to keep up to date on all her exciting news!







ACTRESS : Katrina Chiovon @katrinachiovon

PHOTOGRAPHER : Frank Gutierrez @Visualartistrynyc

MAKE UP & HAIR : Spencer Wells @Spencerwells.creative

WEARING DESIGNER : Alexandro Fratelli @alexandrofratelli


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