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NEW YORK, NY – It’s to no surprise to see Designer Cristina Nitopi making headlines for NYFW to present her latest FW24 collection

featuring celebrity model, Josephine Skriver (a Danish model most known for

her work as a Victoria Secret Angel),

photographed by celebrity photographer Jason MacDonald.

In her collection, Nitopi noted that she was “looking to introduce luxury fabrics that would be new to fashion separates while continuing to stay ahead of color trends.” Always a visionary, understanding that trends are not to

be followed but instead created, the designer understood that a collection, aside from its elite tailoring, needed to offer newness, individuality, and innovation for her stay ahead of the curve.

“I always attempt to create individual, rare and exquisite clothing with the assistance of high quality fabrics and the use of being creative allows me to combine all these techniques to create something beautiful.” Nitopi notes.

Nitopi’s collection was about versatility as she introduced separates meant to be interchanged. This helps to streamline the wardrobe to give control to the wearer as her collection could be worn together or separately, a luxury that makes you feel like fashion should always be like this. Although versatility was the true north of the

collection, the true eye catcher could be found on the expert tailoring through the innovative use of her fabrics. Layering silk under translucent organza offered a whiff of luxury couture mixed with modernism with practical sophistication.

By infusing materials with base coloring presented in subdued red, cooling Persian blue, and deep-greyish blue referred to as eclipse – layered with a sheer iridescent material to add texture – Nitopi once more showed us the power of color and emotion as presented in this year’s Pantones trend report. Each color & fabric divulging the feeling of enticement, tranquility, and poise.

‘The Fall...palette "[signifies] our desire to communicate the joy of creativity and design joy into our lives," Pantone

(the company) said in a statement. "Encouraging exploration and experimentation, these color combinations open space for free, fun, and inclusive color imaginings." - Pantone

With technological innovations post quarantine like virtual fashion shows, augmented reality and online retailers, consumers expect to see collections that allow them to appreciate ever attention to detail. Like how one appreciates art in a museum, or how a sommelier can taste the terroir in a vintage wine. Clearly a collection only a true fashion innovator would be able to foresee and execute, a collection like that presented by Cristina Nitopi.

The pieces from this collection showed a sense of versatility, bravado, and boldness. The execution of the tailoring,

flexibility of the garments, and attention to detail presents this collection as one that is far ahead from current

trends and propels Cristina to the apex of the fashion curve.

With plenty of highlights from this show, it’s clear that it’s never too early to start listing definitive trends found within NYFW.

We can’t wait to see what the designer will be coming out with next.

Make sure to follow her at: @cristinanitopi



DESIGNER : Cristina Nitopi @cristinanitopi

MODEL : Josephine Skriver @josephineskriver

PHOTOGRAPHER : Jason MacDonald @j_mcd


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