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GIUSEPPE LAGUARDIA Model & Fashion Influencer


Hello, my name is Giuseppe Laguardia, I was born in Germany on 02.05.1989 but I grew up from the age of 7 in Italy, precisely in Basilicata in a small town called Palazzo San Gervasio (PZ) then at 18, I moved to northern Italy and I have been living in Turin for ten years, a city that I love. In 2018 I started this fashion influencer journey through the creation of photographic content that I started posting on my Instagram profile. After a few months my photos started going viral in all the men's fashion and inspiration pages making me known by many men and women users from all over the world. I have been engaged to my beautiful Laura since 2019 and in 2021 our little Leonardo was born, who is part of some videos with me that went viral on Instagram and tikTok with over 60 million views.

One of my dreams? Expanding the family with two more little brothers (or little sisters) for Leonardo and traveling the world with Laura and my children.

I have worked with various international and global brands including Motorola, Philips, Digel, Paul Hewitt, Hugo Boss and many others.

My success? My humility and my perseverance in creating high quality content as I am also passionate about photography, video and editing.

My style? Something simple, but never banal. Neutral colors that reflect my being.

Well my project is more about life, family, lifestyle made of love, work and sport. One of my projects and also a wish is to create a brand that reflects my being.

What inspires me the most in what I do? Surely the passion for fashion and style mean that I can give something more to those who follow me and also inspire in what I transmit, simplicity and humility. I think style is not bought but you have it in it.

What do I like most about what I do on social media? Definitely the harmony that I put in the colors, so that they go well with each other and above all convey positive sensations and emotions to my followers.

My satisfaction in being a fashion blogger? A lot of satisfaction, a lot of work behind the scenes, more than anyone might think, behind it is the choice of location, outfits, filming, editing... a lot of work! But my greatest satisfaction is being suddenly stopped on the street by boys and girls and being appreciated for my humility. The numbers didn't make me change, on the contrary I always remember where I started from and I have reached this point in my career, I owe it to those who have supported me for years every day.

GIUSEPPE LAGUARDIA @giuse_laguardia

GIUSEPPE LAGUARDIA @giuse_laguardia

GIUSEPPE LAGUARDIA @giuse_laguardia

GIUSEPPE LAGUARDIA @giuse_laguardia


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