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GG GIZEM SAHIM - Beauty Queen Model, Influencer & Designer


FMNYC - Tell us about a modeling challenge that you experienced.

GG GIZEM SAHIM - Ah ! I really love travel and work in another countries also i love fashion & glam . If you are not shy person that's dope to walk on podium . When peoples are applaud ı feeling so proud and that's making me feel great . Big brands want collaboration with you and you feeling so special . Lets look from another side of locket. We are really working so hard . Always we have to care about our body , face , health , food , life style ... We don't have a chance to look bad . Most of girls dreaming about to be a model and always we are in race with ours elf . Every time we have to show different taste of ours elf . When we have fashions how we are working sooooo long time . Sometimes a month sometimes a week or sometimes . 12 hours . People don't like to see us fat or ugly . They wanna see us always like a on podium . FMNYC - What is your greatest weakness, as a model? What are you doing to improve on it?

GG GIZEM SAHIM - When I was little, my dreams were bigger than my own height. And none was believing me . In fact, because they say so, I feel this subconsciously in every new job. they remain subconsciously coding. should not do this to anyone. I have achieved all my dreams step by step and my dreams are still very big. I am working hard for this. In order to overcome this weakness, I constantly remind myself of the successes I have achieved and how well the path I have walked has progressed. FMNYC - What is your best achievement in your career?

GG GIZEM SAHIM - My biggest achievement in my career is to be the first in the beauty contest in which 35 countries compete in 2019 and to be selected as a beauty queen. After this success, my business gained more momentum.

FMNYC - Many people think modeling is just about style and makeup. What’s your take on this?

GG GIZEM SAHIM - I definitely don't think so. If this statement was true, everyone with a make-up and style would be a model. It is very difficult to carry the outfit, to market it on it, and to get people's perception that I need to buy it. modeling is a very special stance apart from being beautiful and stylish. FMNYC - Who inspire you on the industry and why?

GG GIZEM SAHIM - I will not give you a female name for inspiration. Definitely my inspiration Kanye West for fashion. she changed the way of fashion around the world . Although people did not understand him at first , he designed very different styles of clothes and shoes , but after a certain period of time , all world brands contacted Ye and wanted to reflect his inspiration in their own brands . I definitely have a lot of respect for him. FMNYC - How do you balance your time as a Influencer and modeling?

GG GIZEM SAHIM - At first it was very difficult. After the pandemic affected by modeling like other jobs. people had to turn to social media more. With the pandemic, I preferred to progress as an influencer, and in addition, I started to focus my own designs.

FMNYC - Which of your projects are you most proud of? Why?

GG GIZEM SAHIM - Definitely but definitely the project that I agreed with the Aporro brand. With this project, I made jewelry design for the first time. We had to imagine , draw and brainstorm on the project with the brand for about 1 year . I was inspired by important and powerful people in history. by the way, my collection represents love, loyalty and strength. And finally, in the last months, my collection has arrived. There are only a few months left until it goes on sale worldwide. FMNYC - What is your personal style?

GG GIZEM SAHIM - Depends on my mood. Since my zodiac sign is Libra, my mood is constantly changing haha. One day I feel comfortable in sports, the next day I can feel classic. so this question was the hardest question for me :)

FMNYC - Describe your perfect day off when you are not working at all.

GG GIZEM SAHIM - Spending time with my family and close friends when I am not working makes me feel very good. Every quality time I spend with them gives me positive energy. At the same time, it feels very nice to just be myself and spend time with my soul.


GG GIZEM SAHIM - Hi Iam Gizem Sahin . I am 30 years old . I am from Turkey but modeling worldwide . I travel a lot because of my job . Now writing this interview from Los Angeles & greetings from Los Angeles everyone . I am modelling for fashion tv , actress , beauty queen and designer . When i was 18-22 i was stewardess. I was always dreaming about modelling but never thought the . First i start work with eyelashes company & technology news . Then everything was like a domino game .

My favorite things is : Doing everything that people say you can't do. to inspire people who have fear and anxiety in themselves and to show that the greatest power is actually within themselves.


MODEL : GG Gizem Sahim @gizemsahin.official

PHOTOGRAPHER : Gökhan Türk @bygokhanturk

DESIGNER : Mr Rex @mrrex_fashion

JEWELRY : Aporro @aporrobrand

JEWELRY : Aporro Europe @aporro_europe

MAKEUP : Ayshe Makeup @ayshe_makeup

HAIR : Yakup Minaz @yakupminazofficial

HAIR : Ahmet Güneş 🇹🇷 @ahmtguness


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