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Elevate Collection by Anthony deDaulphin


Over in the UK, Birmingham it's an exciting time for Erdington entrepreneur Anthony Daulphin as he launches his unisex clothing line 'Anthony deDaulphin'.

This year sees his sixth chapter since taking his leap of faith back in 2016 to start his own education organisation Standing Ovation, which inspires young people in schools and colleges. This year April the project went national, supporting over 65 schools across 16 UK cities. "I never envisaged the Project reaching as many places as it has today, but I'm also a big believer in you getting out what you put in.

As a big fashion enthusiast, Anthony's always dipped his toes in the fashion world in-between his education projects, but this year Anthony launched his first ever clothing and accessories collection which has even played it's part in inspiring the young people across the project.

From his soft Heather Grey hoodie for that neat casual look to his comfortable GO range encouraging it's wearers to get outdoors and keep active, there's something for everyone.

Saturday 2nd October 2021 saw the official launch event for the Anthony deDaulphin brand which was a complete sellout. The catwalk show highlighted the original collection included a sneak peak into Anthony's AW21 line also.

"The models did an amazing job on the night, they brought my brand to life and it was great to see the reaction from the guests on the night too" Anthony said.

The pop-up shop on the night was a success with many customers purchasing their Anthony deDaulphin pieces for the first time ever.

I'm now able to use this venture of .one to educate more young people on why its important to have aspirations, but also to work towards them with a positive mindset. Many of the young people we show the clothing to have since expressed a great interest in fashion and designing their own label.

Going forward Anthony has plans to open the first Anthony deDaulphin boutique in the heart of Birmingham UK and to continueraising the profile of the brand.


DESIGNER: Anthony deDaulphin @anthonydedaulphin

PHOTOGRAPHER : Joeb Chard @joebchardphotography


Emily Weston @emilyeweston

Marlon Davis @davis__marlon

Shanice Amore @shaniceamore

Laura O'Neil @loneill57

Tarnia Goodfellow @tarniagoodfellow86

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