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Designer, Fashion Icon and Model GABRIELA GONZALEZ



FMNYC - How would you describe your style?

GABRIELA GONZALEZ - one of the things i appreciate most about fashion is the way it allows you to present yourself to the world. my style just like the events i attend are changing all the time and I love that . i think part of having a style is mainly having an essence and believing in what you are willing to project

I’d describe myself as a chameleon, I believe in experimenting, changing and evolving. I love the freedom that comes from fashion, the fact that one is able to reinvent oneself, to change with the seasons, change with our mood, wear something depending on a special occasion or a specific place. I think the fact that it allows us to transform ourselves is just so fabulous and full of possibilities.

FMNYC - What do you like the most about fashion?

GABRIELA GONZALEZ - Fashion has 100% influenced freedom of speech, it’s a way for all generations to express their passion, sometimes it can be a political statement, fashion can be associated to religion, it can be associated to music and to every single culture and everyone can make it their own, it allows people to be unique, authentic. It’s expression without words, but one that speaks very loudly. Fashion is personality and even how we think. That’s what I love most about it.

FMNYC - What is your favorite part of working in the fashion industry?

GABRIELA GONZALEZ - My brand I’m particular is very glamorous. Each piece has a very through process, it’s a meticulous work and it’s handmade, so every single piece is made with all the love, patience and exquisite process to give our clients exactly what they deserve. When I see a celebrity on the red carpet wearing a gown of the brand, feeling confident, feminine, empowered and radiant, that is one of my favorite parts. It’s an amazing satisfaction to see these stars wearing out pieces and that’s how I know we’ve done a good job.

FMNYC - You are a horse rider, right? Do you think you are more of a city person or a country person?

GABRIELA GONZALEZ - I think in this question I would have to divide my heart in two. I love the city life, the vibrant feeling, the life and movement. Wearing high heels, a beautiful outfit and expecting the night to be able to go out to a nice restaurant and have a good time, it’s just amazing.

On the other hand, the exchange in energies that happens when you’re riding a horse is a truly spectacular sensation and sometimes necessary to live. I believe it’s a privilege when you can achieve a spiritual connection with nature and in this way to create an emotional balance. Personally, that’s how I like to have equilibrium on my life, but if I could speak of a perfect scenario, it would be with a horse at the beach, which is where I find the unique experience of a connection with the ocean that I love so much, horses and nature.

FMNYC - Describe your perfect day off. When you’re not working, how do you like to spend free time?

GABRIELA GONZALEZ - I don’t have a specific activity, because I like to do different things, but it’s always time that I like to dedicate to my family, the priceless moments are those days were I am surrounded by my most beloved ones, when I’m with them, the place or what we do doesn’t really matter.

FMNYC - How do you balance your time between your career and hobbies?

GABRIELA GONZALEZ - I think discipline is very important. Like the saying goes: “don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”. I try to live one day at a time but also plan accordingly, give things the time and space they deserve, depending on priority.

I have learned to manage time, to live fully on the present and work hard when I have to. Balance isn’t easy, but it surely is possible.



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