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DAHSAR The Last Supper


Award Winning Celebrity Designer & Wardrobe Stylist

Interview by the Journalist - Boluwatife Adebowale Akin-Akintunde

1. Who is Rashad Calhoun? I am 34 years old , Celebrity fashion designer and wardrobe stylist from the city of Chester PA, father of three kids and I have a beautiful wife.

2. What was your main inspiration for pursuing a career in the fashion industry? Well as a young age I always had a sense of style and was always into art and creative things the age of 13 I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer or in the fashion industry and some sort at the age of 12 I used to cut up my new clothing and resew it and create it until I wanted it to look I used to rock it around my area and even to school to my peers used to ask me where did I get my outfit from and I told her that I created it from Pieces that I already had home. If you give to get around school or town and I had to cut some pieces and all of a sudden I used to have kids bringing their old jeans and jackets to school I used to go home with bags and items to redo as orders but I loved it cuz it gave me time to show people my creative style.

3. Any role models that shapes you into the person that you are today? I remember and 10th grade we had a science teacher that always had us doing crafts instead of actual scientific work we used to make pillows and custom things of that sort it show me how to use a hand needle with sewing with pretty much started a lot for me to do more creative stuff instead of just using a hot glue gun. But I could definitely say on another note that my City used to throw some of the biggest fashion shows and at this time I was modeling and most of the shows for other designers and things like that not knowing that I will give an opportunity to be a designer myself so at this time I was still young learning different things so one of my great friends that I still have today and her name is kalisha she used to throw the biggest fashion shows and she also been closed as well one day I asked her could I have her scraps of fabric from different projects that she did throughout the year she said sure she packed up two huge bags and I went home and got to work and came back with a full collection she was like wow you're definitely going to be something one day Trust me...

4. What is DAHSAR to you? DAHSAR IS A BRAND THAT IS GROWING TO BE WORLDWIDE I WANT IT NOT TO JUST BE A CLOTHING LINE BUT A BRAND THAT HAS SO MANY AVENUES UNDER IT WHETHER IF HIS FOOTWEAR FRAGRANCES SKIN CARE ETC BUT I DEFINITELY WANT TO EXPLAIN MY BRAND TO EVEN BE ABLE TO START A SCHOOL TO TEACH KIDS HOW TO SEW AND ALSO MODELING TRAINING. 5. What is the plan for the next year? My plan for this next year is to keep hustling hard and to continue to inspire others if the mix of that explaining my brand definitely looking for location cuz I want to have my own showroom I think that really fits me in the type of fashion designer that I am I create one of a kind pieces so I would love for different celebrities other designers or stylists they're coming by showroom and pick out some of the best pieces for their clients can also working on my own Big Show production and also creating a solid team finally.

6. Do you envision creating your own public line that can be sold in retail stores I think that's kind of somewhat of the plan to have a nice upscale section in stores maybe if it's Bridal or prom dresses that will be amazing to have and some of the upscale stores.

7. What are the main obstacles you found throughout your journey? Pretty much just keeping great people in positive people around you it's a lot of people that I had to let go and push away because it was a lot of bad energy that was causing me to be distracted of what I've been wanting to do or what to do in the process of me building my brand and becoming the brand I wanted to be . So definitely knowing who's around you with good energy. 8. Do you think music plays a role in your creative process? Absolutely that's what sets the tone for some of my creations. Music plays a big part and I listen to all different styles whether it's rock heavy metal hip hop R&B, jazz Etc I tried to go for stuff that's very unique that has a different and dark sound.

9 I know you will be featured in fashion week yet again this fall. What is the feeling you get when you get the call or invitation It's always a great feeling when I get a call or even the invitation for new york fashion week it's a real big thing for us as others it gives us our chance to show the world of Who We Are Fashion Week to a Designer is like the super bowl to a football player it gives us our time to shine.. even though it's always a nervous feeling cuz you don't know what people will like about your new collection but I never Had a bad season yet. 10. If you could go back in time would you change anything? Yes absolutely some of the people that I let in my space that they deserve a lot of places I took them but it was a lesson learned and whether you are great to people great things still come upon you or some people you have to let go the more you keep them around the more energy drains from you and your process of growing. 11. How important is family to you? Family is very important to me the other was a keep me going especially my kids and my wife I do this for them everyday I have a great new relationship with my mother and my father we are very tight I try to talk to them everyday but I know they are very proud of me day by day of my accomplishments.

12. Do you believe culture plays a big role in shaping fashion today Absolutely cultures is everything .culture is what sets creativity apart in its on Lane.

13. what are the main misconceptions when it comes to fashion Listen DONT get it messed up people think fashion is the easiest thing to do even down MODELING it's a skill you have to have both can be trained and TAUGHT but it has to be in you.. everyone sees the glistened AND Glam on the runway but I'm telling you for someone that doesn't understand fashion you go backstage for a couple hours I'm telling you you never want to go back there again it's a lot of work people are ripping and running models are getting dressed and changing within seconds's a MAD HOUSE BACK THERE LOL I LOVE IT THO.

14. You have various contacts and highly established socialites does that ever phase you that you're so well connected. Umm sometime I got to pinch myself because sometime when I'm just home or just chilling I get a call from one of my celebrity friends or clients I don't know where I'd love to check it on me not even wanting nothing sometime it's a busy being great to people if they genuinely return to the favor especially with their busy life's a career they take the time out to check on me daily I always make sure every celebrity client that I get I try to build a friendship and we will become family but it's very humble. 15. how do you say Humble even when sometimes the world expects you to be vain? At the end of the day I'm a very very humble person and I learned you have to be appreciative of what everything just came to you because it's very very easy for it to be going and took it away that's why I don't take anything for granted at the end of the day I am a human and a real person but I try to stay as positive as I can but I like to still be myself in front of my family friends and fans cuz at the end of the day I don't have to change my image of that running for president so I don't have to be a polished character we all do still have rough edges but it's a certain way you carry yourself and I believe I do that the best way that I can 16. Any advice for the youth that wants to follow your footsteps Absolutely any boy or little girl that's out there that has a dream that was to become something you can do it every dream is me to come true all you have to do is believe yourself perfect your craft it don't be afraid to show others it's always great to hear great feedback get her back being criticism criticism plays a big part because it will build You Up what you learn the skills that you are set for success the biggest thing what you were at the peak of your own career always go back to encourage and expire others to do the same


Designer : Dahsar @officiallydahsar

Interview by the Journalist Boluwatife Adebowale Akin-Akintunde

Co-Owner of YNL4L and CEO of Akin Marketing! @boluboy

Photographer : Derrick Dean @derrickdeanphotography @d.dean_photo


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